Guide to Call Center Hiring

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Interviews are transcribed with 98% accuracy.
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Filter responses to review top candidates first.

Put diversity first

Level the playing field by mitigating bias from the beginning.

Eliminate unconscious bias by using phone interviews instead of video.
Make your interviews fair and equitable with built-in structure and consistency.
Increase accessibility with audio-based interviews.

Guide to Call Center Hiring

The hiring and recruitment process is constantly evolving and changing as new technologies and hiring strategies keep coming up. It can be incredibly difficult to keep up with all of these changes but ensuring that you are at least up-to-date with the most influential changes can be absolutely essential to being able to meet your hiring goals. This is especially true for call centers which oftentimes have high turnover rates and because of this, need to make quick hires. Because of this high turnover rate, call centers often have to hire even more candidates, but if they are not able to do this fast enough then it can cause lasting issues of understaffing and even higher hiring goals.

One of the largest challenges for call center hiring is that it has a higher turnover rate than other hiring departments and because of this they often find themselves trying to meet massive hiring goals and not having enough staff or enough time to successfully meet them. This leads to a cycle of unmet hiring goals and the constant loss of staff due to the high turnover rate. Call center positions are often regarded as entry-level customer service but still require complicated and lengthy hiring process can lead to a lot of candidates losing interest and abandoning the process altogether.

But, with the help of solutions, such as Qualifi’s on-demand phone interview platform, call centers can work to more efficiently meet those hiring goals and lessen their recruiting workload at the same time by creating a more efficient and simplified hiring process that doesn’t take days and different people to complete. By offering on-demand screening interviews, you can allow many candidates to interview at the same time and then go over those responses all at once. This allows you to more effectively compare candidates and quickly identify which candidates you want to move forward with and which ones may not be the best fit for your business — all in minutes instead of days.

Fast Hiring

When it comes to finding the best strategies to meet the hiring goals your call center has it can seem impossible to pinpoint exactly what you need to do — especially when you consider the wide variety of hiring strategies available today for businesses of all sizes and industries. However, whenever you are looking for high-volume hiring solutions, you want to ensure that you are looking for solutions that offer a simple and streamlined application-to-interview process.

You do not want your candidates to get bored or feel like the hiring cycle is taking too long to get through. This will result in candidates pursuing other opportunities that may get back to them faster and losing those valuable candidates to another business — likely one of your competitors. So, you want to focus on creating a quick and effective hiring process that does not give candidates time to get bored or disengage themselves. Using a platform like Qualifi can allow you to do this by creating on-demand phone screening interviews that you can send out to candidates as soon as they apply and review in just a few minutes. These interviews can help your call center to take back lost time while still providing candidates with a personalized experience that is true to your company and maintaining your brand voice.

Learn how Reid Health decreased interview times by 44% without hiring additional Recruiters.

High Turnover

Call centers have naturally high turnover rates — this means that they oftentimes do not have very good employee retention statistics because many of the employees they are hiring are coming to gain experience or otherwise are looking for an entry-level customer service position. Because of this, it is incredibly important for call centers to have quality hiring practices in place so that they can fill the positions that are constantly opening up.

This can be difficult if you are spending hours or days on each applicant. But, with a solution that not only helps to speed up but also improve your candidate review process, filling these positions can be no big deal. Qualifi is an on-demand interview platform that can help you to do just this. By helping companies not only streamline their hiring process and manage their existing candidate pipeline but also re-engage lost candidates, widen the applicant pool, and mitigate bias in the hiring process, Qualifi can help your business to create a much more effective interviewing experience for not only your candidates but also your recruiters and hiring managers as well.

Call Center Hiring Tools

The best call center hiring tool will help your recruiting team to create efficient and effective hiring strategies that do not require all of your time to implement. One example of an effective tool would be Qualifi’s platform. This platform helps you to speed up your time-to-hire using AI (artificial intelligence) technology and pre-recorded interview questions. You can record these questions in a way that helps you get all of the valuable information you need from your screening interviews while still being true to your brand’s voice and values. This can ensure that your candidates are able to get a true and realistic picture of what your company is about and what you are looking for for the position.

Additionally, with a tool like Qualifi it can become easier to track and manage your applicants. This means that rather than having to adopt a separate ATS (or applicant tracking system), you can directly manage your applicants from Qualifi’s platform. You can easily share interview responses with hiring managers and ensure that all of your hiring teams are on the same page with which candidates to move forward.

On-Demand Interviews

There are a number of tools and software solutions available on the market today that can help your recruiting team to create and utilize a more efficient and effective interviewing process. The two most popular of these tools are video and phone interviews. Both of these options can use real-time or asynchronous interviews. Though, if you are looking to most effectively improve the speed and effectiveness of your hiring process an asynchronous interview solution is likely to be the best option for you. This is because these solutions allow multiple candidates to interview at the same time for you to review later.

When it comes to video vs. phone interviews, there are a lot of similarities as well as a lot of differences. The main difference is that a phone interview does not require the use of video whereas a video interview, of course, does. Both of these interview methods can be offered either synchronously or asynchronously and both can be a step up from in-person or traditional interviews. As mentioned above, if you want the most benefit out of your interviewing system then asynchronous is the way to go, but which is better between video and phone interviews?

In short, phone interviews can be better than video interviews because they are more easily accessible and they work more effectively to eliminate biases. Because interview questions (and the candidates’ answers to those questions) are recorded, phone interviews allow you to create a more consistent interview experience that can help you not only provide a more pleasant candidate experience but also mitigate unconscious biases as well. Since you are unable to see the candidate until after they have made it through the interview screening process and made it clear whether or not they are properly qualified for the position, you can be confident that you are moving forward with the most qualified candidates, not just those that your recruiters may unconsciously favor.

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