The Qualifi Mission

Take burdens from talent leaders so they can take care of their people.

Meet our team

Tawfiq Abu-Khajil
Director of Sales
Audi O. Koala
Head of Happiness
Zach Bowman
Account Executive
Jessica Bushong
Software Engineer
Cameron Campbell
Senior Product Designer
Michael Crenshaw
Senior Software Engineer
Tamara Green-Munro
Demand Generation Manager
Carly Harwell
Marketing Specialist
Keenan Jaenicke
Co-Founder / VP of Product
Darrian Mikell
CEO / Co-Founder
Devyn Mikell
COO / Co-Founder
DeSean Prentice
VP of Engineering
Deswyn Prentice
Account Executive
Leila Spann
Senior Marketing Manager
Emma Zachocki
Customer Success Manager

Help us create the future of hiring.

We are a team of good humans that just so happen to do great work. If you’re as excited about our mission as we are, join us!

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