The Qualifi Mission

Take burdens from talent leaders so they can take care of their people.

Meet our team

Audi O. Koala
Head of Happiness
Jessica Bushong
Software Engineer
Cameron Campbell
Senior Product Designer
Michael Crenshaw
Senior Software Engineer
Eddie Fang
Sales Development Team Lead
Taylor Fisher
Finance + Business Operations Manager
Justin Garrett
Senior Software Engineer
Tamara Green-Munro
Demand Generation Manager
Keenan Jaenicke
VP of Product / Co-Founder
Darrian Mikell
CEO / Co-Founder
Devyn Mikell
COO / Co-Founder
DeSean Prentice
VP of Engineering / Co-Founder
Deswyn Prentice
Account Executive
Leila Spann
Director of Marketing
Emma Zachocki
Customer Success Manager

Help us create the future of hiring.

We are a team of good humans that just so happen to do great work. If you’re as excited about our mission as we are, join us!

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