How Reid Health Decreased Interview Time by 44% without Hiring Additional Recruiters

Reid Health was down a recruiter and needed to review applicants fast. Qualifi decreased their review time by 44%.
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Reid Health is a 200+ bed hospital located in Richmond, IN, committed to the community and being an extra hand for patients and families during recovery.
Health Care, Hospital
Company Size
1001 - 5000 employees
Key Results
  • 44% decrease in time spent per candidate interview 
  • Added Qualifi instead of hiring an additional Recruiter
  • Improved candidate experience

“Qualifi cut down our interview times by 20 minutes per candidate resulting in a 44% decrease in interview time. Now, our application review process is more efficient, and we get a better perspective of the candidates.”
Calista Rihm
Human Resource Manager, Reid Health

Reid Health brings over 100 years of healthcare services to Indiana and Ohio. They have 231 beds at their main campus and numerous satellite locations. Reid Health has high hiring demands and needs a system to help speed up and organize its recruiting process.  


When their small but mighty recruiting team went down a member, they started relying heavily on Qualifi to help pick up the extra weight. 


Reid Health uses Qualifi to screen candidates quickly. They were able to transform their hiring process and improve the candidate experience. 

The Challenge 

Reid Health had four recruiters and went down to three. The lack of HR staff posed a problem for their hiring goals. 

They needed something to help them get more qualified candidates in the door. Qualifi was able to step in and help them fill that gap. 

The Process 

While implementing Qualifi, the recruiters at Reid Health were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up. 

“Our initial implementation was so easy,” says Calista, Human Resource Manager. “I felt like it was probably the easiest. I've implemented a new HR system. I've implemented a new ATS, and I mean, this was so simple."

Once the team at Reid Health was using Qualifi consistently, they saw a change in candidate relationships in addition to interview time. 

“Qualifi has really helped build relationships with our candidates, honestly. Because when they come in, we already know something about them.” —Zaigan, HR Generalist 

The Result 

The Reid Health team explained how Qualifi helps them evaluate candidates who might be a great fit but have a hard time showing those qualifications through a resume or cover letter.

“Qualifi gives us another layer to explore when it comes to reviewing applicants. It provides a much more through way to look at an applicant and learn more about their personality.” — Zaigan, HR Generalist 

Reid Health saw almost immediate results when they used Qualifi to help schedule and track their phone interview process. Reid Health noted: 

  • A better hiring process
  • 44% decrease in time spent per candidate interview
  • Improved candidate relationships 

Once new team members are hired, Reid Health always gathers feedback on the hiring process. 

“Everybody says how much they like phone screening with Qualifi… The process was really quick and easy.” — Calista, Manager of Employment and HR 

“A lot of people said using Qualifi was really nice because then they already kind of had a feel for how we were going to ask the questions,” says Calista. “They already kind of had a familiar voice in their head of who we are.”

Qualifi Tip!

Use the transcription feature of Qualifi to read along while listening to phone interviews. It will help you take notes to share with hiring managers as well.

Ready to expand your hiring efforts without expanding your team?