On-Demand Phone Interviews

Shave 1 week off your time-to-hire

Efficiency is everything. Learn how you can multiply your team’s hiring output.

Eliminate Scheduling.

No more back and forth messaging to setup your interviews. Simply send an invite and watch interviews come through our platform.

Interview Faster.

Our average response times come back in less than 1 day. This is time won back for your team to deliver more value.

Cast a Wider Net.

Since interview won't bog down your schedule, you can add a lot more candidates into your pipeline.

Interview Instantly

Give candidates flexibility and your team time back in their day. Make phone interviewing a 1-day process.

  • Increase screening efficiency by 80%
  • Get majority of interview responses back day 1
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Bulk Candidate Invitations

Invite 100’s of candidates to interview within minutes. Instantly 10x your recruiting output.

  • Cast a much wider net for candidates
  • Get more applicants through the process faster

"Well I can say you've made my recruiters very happy!"

- Fortune 500 Talent Leader

Voice-to-Text Transcriptions

Transcriptions allow you to identify keywords so you can make even faster hiring decisions.

  • Identify keywords from responses
  • Generate a shareable PDF of responses
Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Automated Candidate Reminders

Don’t worry about following up with candidates. We’ll handle that for you!

  • Increase your response rate
  • Stay top of mind for your candidates

Easily Share With Your Team

Ditch the handwritten notes and make decisions knowing the whole team heard the same interview.

  • Better captured data to share
  • Share with teammates who don't have accounts
Desktop and Mobile illustration