4 Benefits of On-Demand Interviews

December 27, 2021
Leila Spann
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While traditional interview styles are a reliable way to hire employees, on-demand audio based interviews are more flexible, decrease your time to hire, improve your recruitment metrics, mitigate bias, and help you adapt in a hybrid work world.

Asynchronous on-demand phone interviews allows a recruiter to pre-record their questions, share those questions with an applicant, and have the applicant respond by phone when it’s convenient for them. On-demand interviews are an affordable alternative to traditional screening methods and can help you quickly hire top talent. On top of all this, using on-demand interviews allows your recruiting team to receive interviews outside of work hours and listen to them (like a podcast) when it’s convenient for them. 

You’ll no longer have to spend important time during the work day repeating the same interview questions. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider trying on-demand interviews. 

⏰  Shortlist Your Candidates Faster

On-demand interviews allow you to shortlist candidates faster. Instead of spending 30 minutes on each candidate, you can screen applicants in  3-5 minutes when you listen to their interview. This allows you to review each candidate equally and speeds up the time you spend on non-qualified applicants. 

Qualifi allows recruiting teams to evaluate a candidate’s skills all at once and collaborate to make hiring decisions. Many candidates can’t afford to wait long for a job offer and choose the first offer they receive. In fact, according to Robert Half;

57% of candidates will lose interest in a job if the hiring process is too long. By reducing screening time, you can make job offers faster, decrease your time-to-hire and get the best talent added to your team.

🧘  Give Your Team More Flexibility

As the flexibility of remote positions become more appealing, so do on-demand interviews. 

The traditional interview process is becoming less accessible to candidates and is harder to manage for recruiters. Integrating on-demand interviews into your recruitment strategy allows candidates to interview in a way that works for them, and allows recruiters to easily manage their days. Think about how it would feel to send an phone interview to hundreds of candidates in minutes! This gives you more time to prepare for the recruitment process and focus on other critical parts of your business. This can also give you the freedom to send invites over the weekend or schedule interviews to be sent at a specific time then review the answers whenever works for you. On-demand interviews are not only convenient for applicants, but they also help you maximize your time.

👍  Improve the Candidate Experience

Above all, on-demand interviews make your applicants feel valued. By making the hiring process faster and easier, candidates feel more connected to your organization. First impressions are everything. If an applicant knows you’re using updated recruitment tools, they know you are staying abreast to new technologies. A better candidate experience lets candidates know that you’re going to value them long-term as employees. 

➕  Recruit More Candidates

Qualifi is an on-demand interviewing tool to help recruiters hire faster. If you’re tired of spending hours on repetitive phone screens, our platform can give you the resources to streamline your process. Not only will you make hiring decisions faster, but your team will also make hiring decisions free from bias.  

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