Digital Hiring Trends and Tools

How to find the best digital hiring strategies and tool kits to keep your business ahead of the competition.

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Digital Hiring Trends and Tools

It has been said that the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting mass quarantine measures have affected and will continue to affect every part of our society for the foreseeable future. Many of the strategies businesses adopted to accommodate fully remote work remain with us today. As such, today, we see a particular focus from hiring managers on digital hiring.

Digital hiring uses technology to digitally engage, screen, assess, interview, and hire candidates for open positions. This technology includes tools such as on-demand video and phone interview platforms that have allowed recruiters to asynchronously interview large pools of candidates. But it certainly doesn’t stop there.

Digital solutions have grown to include the same AI technology that marketers use to reach potential customers. That technology is now being utilized by recruiting teams to put job postings in front of the right candidates to improve the chances of attracting qualified applicants. What’s more, platforms like Qualifi include machine learning to assist recruiters to even screen candidates faster, utilizing keywords to filter out unqualified candidates rather than wasting time screening every single unqualified candidate.

More and more digital hiring solutions are appearing every day. It’s only a matter of finding the right tools that work for your business and its recruiting needs.

Best Recruiting Software

With so many digital recruiting tools out there, it asks, “What is the best recruiting software?” Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that question. Although we wish we could simply give you a list of the 10 top recruiting tools and let you ride off into the sunset towards recruiter paradise, it’s more complicated than that. The best tools for one team of recruiters will hinder another.

That’s why you need to look for tools that suit your hiring needs. Thankfully, there are some key factors to a strong recruiting software to look for. These factors include AI technology, scalability, and integration potential

As we mentioned before, AI technology such as machine learning can automate the most tedious parts of the hiring process, freeing recruiters to focus on what’s really important. Roughly 40% of the recruiter’s time is spent entering data and reviewing resumes. With AI-driven powered tools like Qualifi, recruiters can drastically cut down on this wasted time.

Additionally, the tools you choose need to be able to grow alongside you and work with the software you already have. Qualifi, for example, can work alongside 30+ ATSs and allows a small team of recruiters to have the recruiting power of a team 7 times their size.

Digital Recruitment Trends

In terms of digital recruitment trends for this year, recruitment automation continues to be a priority for many employers. According to CareerBuilder, 72% of employers say that elements of their hiring process will be automated within the next decade. This has been a common sentiment of employers and hiring managers for years, but recent advancements in software have made automation easier to achieve.

Automation solutions such as on-demand phone interviews have allowed recruiters to eliminate interview scheduling from their hiring process. Rather, recruiters are now able to record their side of the interview and send it to potentially hundreds of candidates at a time. The candidates in turn, are able to respond at a time of their convenience. We here at Qualifi discovered that the flexibility on-demand interview offers brought in 75.5% more responses outside of typical interview hours.

And that is only one of the most recent trends. The Great Resignation has also continued to affect recruiters this year. The modern labor market has demanded a focus on the candidate experience as a key factor in recruiting the best talent available. In response, many employers have shifted towards a candidate-centric hiring process.

Build a high-volume recruiting engine that drives itself.

Online Recruitment Methods

So, what digital recruitment methods are there available to today’s recruiters? There are many ways to connect with job seekers online, but what’s working right now?

For one, there’s always the company website. According to a LinkedIn Survey, 61% of talent acquisition leaders believe that a company career page is one of the best online recruitment methods for employer branding. A career page allows companies total control over the job listing’s appearance, maintaining a strong brand voice with a new candidate from the very start of the application process.

However, there are more online recruitment methods. There are various digital hiring platforms that include job boards such as Indeed and Glassdoor. These digital hiring apps are perfect for attracting large pools of candidates. However, you’ll also attract a lot more unqualified candidates in the process.

Regardless of your method, your team will need to be ready to handle high-volume recruiting or be overwhelmed. Most online recruitment methods come with potentially hundreds of candidates. Working with an on-demand interview tool like Qualifi allows you to handle such an influx in your candidate pipeline without being bogged down. Qualifi enables your recruiting team to work as if it was 7x larger and 5x the candidates as before by eliminating interview scheduling and skip straight to a streamlined screening process.

Digital Hiring Process

Again, the digital hiring process is what gives recruiters a competitive advantage over their traditional competitors. Hiring online allows recruiters to connect with candidates quickly and efficiently. Plus, they’re able to make offers to qualified candidates faster by reducing the time-to-hire. According to Career Plug, 84% of job seekers say that recruiter responsiveness directly affected their decisions to accept an offer.

However, the effectiveness of online recruitment goes beyond speed. It also enhances the candidate experience. For example, on-demand interviews enable candidates to engage in the hiring process remotely, and at a time and place that’s convenient for them. By making the recruitment process easy to approach, it becomes easier to engage and acquire passive candidates in the labor market.

On-demand phone interviews in particular go even further. They reduce bias in the hiring process by providing candidates with an equal experience and opportunity in the interview process.

Scalable Hiring Tools

Another aspect of digital hiring is finding the right scalable hiring tools, the tools that can grow with your recruiting needs and assist your recruiting team for years to come.

The best recruiting software for small businesses is scalable to allow for future growth. What’s more, tools like Qualifi allow small teams of recruiters to compete with the large teams of bigger companies for the best talent currently available.

What’s more, Qualifi is the best recruiting software for enterprise hiring as it allows for easy high-volume recruiting. Invite potential hundreds of candidates to the interview process, allow machine learning to categorize the candidates with the most potential, and reduce the screening time for each candidate down to minutes.

Try for Free today to see the benefits that Qualifi offers with its innovative on-demand phone interview platform. Recruit as if your team was 7x larger.

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