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be your bottleneck

Stop spending your day on the phone and start identifying your most qualified candidates 7x faster

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Fill jobs faster.

Stop scheduling interviews, just start them. Save your team from hours of admin tasks and wasted phone calls. Let them focus on the hirable candidates and bring real value to your organization.

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Remove friction for your candidates.

Impress your candidates with a phone based interview they can initiate within a click. No apps, no downloads... and no dressing up for a webcam 😉


Mitigate bias.

Remove visual aspects so you can focus on what candidates are saying, not how they look when they're saying it. Make better decisions through a process that's standardized and consistent for every candidate.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Talk is NOT cheap.
It's costing you great candidates.

Every time you phone interview the old fashioned way you...

Message back and forth to schedule the interview

The average call takes 4 messages back and forth to confirm a time to talk.

Waits days or weeks to actually do the interview

The initial interview is typically set up 4 days beyond the initial point of contact.

Spend hours interviewing unqualified candidates

Typical phone interviews take 20 minutes of your time. That adds up with candidates you won't end up hiring.

All of this is prolongs the process of hiring the best candidate

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What our users have been saying.

“For anyone doing high volume hiring I highly recommend! Qualifi makes the hiring process much more streamlined. Plus the team is super responsive and really listens to what their customers are saying.”


Senior Recruiter

“There was a huge convenience factor in getting to choose when to have the system call me. It really allowed me to pick the best time that worked with my schedule without the hassle of trying to coordinate with other people and around regular business hours.”

Actual Candidate


“Using Qualifi has been a great experience and really easy to use! It has really helped streamline communications between me and my hiring managers when evaluating potential candidates.”


Senior Talent Acquisition Partner