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From scheduling hassles to candidate ghosting, Qualifi eliminates all the things that stand in the way of getting great candidates hired.
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The tool that cuts the phone interview process down to 1 day instead of weeks.

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Remove the heaviest burdens of hiring

Say goodbye to manual processes that stand in the way of great hires.

Eliminate scheduling and avoid candidate ghosting.
Receive interview responses in under 20 hours.
Keep your current systems and processes integrated.

Be the first to make the job offer

83% of candidates take their first job offer.

Evaluate candidates in 5 minutes.
Identify keywords and read transcribed interviews.
Share and collaborate with your team instantly.

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Ace your candidate experience

90% of candidates said they love using Qualifi.

Automate the interview process without losing the human connection.
Ease common candidate anxieties with a simple interview process.
43% of candidates interview outside of business hours. Don't miss out!

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