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Eliminate scheduling

Increase your candidate pipeline by 5x.

Invite candidates as soon as they apply.
Free up hours each week on your calendar.
Candidates respond within hours.

Evaluate every candidate in 5 minutes

Recruit like your team is 7x larger.

Send one invite to all of your candidates.
Listen to their responses all at once, like a playlist.
Transcriptions help you identify keywords for faster hiring.

Upgrade your candidate experience

Candidates can take their interview at any hour of the day... or night.

Maintain the human touch with real voices – yours & theirs.
Stay aligned with other departments to bring them the best fit.
Let candidates interview with you, even when you're not available.

done right

  • Quicker reviews

    Screen candidates in 3-5 minutes on average.

  • Mitigate bias

    Compare easily with blind structured interviews.

  • Immediate answers

    Get interview responses back in an average of 1 day.

  • More output

    7x more candidate reviews per day.

  • Faster hires

    Increase screening efficiency by 80%.

  • Instant invites

    Invite 100’s of candidates to interview within minutes.


Connect Qualifi to your favorite recruiting platforms

Qualifi connects with 30+ of the top Applicant Tracking Systems to help accelerate your recruiting.  Improve your efficiency by automating workflows between systems.

Join thousands of talent leaders across the country learning new ways to optimize and revamp their recruiting processes to hire the best talent.

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