While there are other interview automation tools available, here’s what makes Qualifi stand out from the crowd:


Audio interviews are superior to video interviews.
Qualifi is audio-based only, which eliminates the unconscious bias that inherently comes with video.
Phone-based interviews increase accessibility for candidates who may not have high-speed internet or a visually appealing background.
Recruiters can review audio responses faster than video, with text transcriptions that identify target keywords and adjustable playback speeds.
 Qualifi interview questions are recorded in your own voice, whereas other tools use impersonal written text questions.


A frictionless candidate experience wins in the talent market.
Qualifi will never ask your candidates to download anything or set up an account with us. Ever.
Candidates can respond on their own time, won’t see a stressful ticking clock when they record their response, and can be given the option to re-record answers they don't feel confident about.
Candidates typically respond in less than 20 hours, eliminating days from your time to hire.
Less than 2% of candidates reported having a negative experience with Qualifi.


We believe in supercharging your existing workflows, not disrupting them.
Assessments, document sharing, and automated reference checks are just a few of the additional features inside Qualifi, allowing you to streamline your hiring even further.
Our open API allows all of your existing tools and processes to seamlessly plug into Qualifi.
We do not use AI in our product to make decisions on who you should hire. Instead, we help you make your own decisions easier and faster.
Candidates can invite their peers to interview for your open roles, expanding your reach with no extra effort from your recruiters.
If you’re curious to see Qualifi in action, take a self-guided tour below!
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