How to Make Fast Hires in Healthcare Recruiting

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How to Make Fast Hires in Healthcare Recruiting

For years, traditional interviews — either in person, over the phone, or on video conference platforms — have been the normal practice for businesses of all sizes and industries. But, these interviewing methods take hours out of a recruiter’s day, hours that the recruiter could be spending reviewing applications and focusing on the most qualified candidates. The time spent on scheduling and conducting these synchronous interviews could be better spent creating a faster and more efficient interview process that allows them to focus all of their efforts on the most important candidates — who likely get swept off the market quickly.

This is especially important in industries like healthcare where there has been increased demand for new talent but severe talent shortages. A healthcare recruiter is likely under even more pressure than recruiters for other industries because they need to be able to quickly and effectively get the best candidates through the hiring process as efficiently as possible or risk losing them to competing healthcare providers. The healthcare recruitment process is oftentimes too long and not engaging enough to keep candidates from opting to go with whichever company gets back to them first. Because of this, it is essential that you utilize healthcare recruitment strategies that streamline and modernize your recruiting process and keep your candidates engaged throughout the entire process. In other words, if you want candidates to choose your healthcare facility over another, you need to show them that you are not only respectful of their time but also that you value them and their experience and that you are setting a good first impression of your company with a short and sweet recruiting process.

Using an automated interviewing process that allows you to easily record interview responses, highlight keywords and skills, and communicate effectively with your hiring managers can be an excellent way to improve the hiring process and support your recruiters. Qualifi is a platform that allows you to easily record your healthcare recruiter interview questions, form a script, and send out asynchronous phone interview invitations to hundreds of candidates at once. This means that your recruiting team no longer has to spend hours of their time scheduling and conducting interviews and they can instead focus on putting their healthcare recruiter skills to good use by focusing on reviewing and comparing interview responses and getting back to candidates quickly.

Healthcare Challenges

There are a number of challenges that recruiters face in all industries but some of these challenges can be even more pronounced in the healthcare industry — especially today due to the current worldwide pandemic that is still limiting many daily activities and the aging population. Now, these challenges are not necessarily issues that the healthcare recruiting industry can solve on its own, but there are steps that can be taken by healthcare recruiters that can help to ensure that your healthcare facility is able to get the new talent that it needs.

The first thing that you can do is streamline your hiring processes. If there are only so many qualified candidates on the market for nursing or any other position you are hiring for, you want to ensure that those candidates feel encouraged to work with you rather than your competitors. To do this, you want to give them an engaging and efficient hiring process. You do not want their first impression of your healthcare facility to be boring and distant. Additionally, the faster you are able to get back to candidates, the more likely they are to work for you. Prompt responses not only help you to beat any offers that your competition is giving to the same candidates but also show the candidates that you value their time and that your facility values prompt and effective communication as well.

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Healthcare Recruiting Trends 2022

While recruiting and hiring trends do change from year to year, there still may be a lot to learn from healthcare hiring 2021 trends even as we are in 2022 now. Over the past few years, technology has been advancing and more and more businesses have adopted automated recruiting solutions to help them handle talent shortages and create more pleasant candidate experiences within their hiring processes. One of the most prevalent recruiting trends in healthcare, as well as other industries, is the increased importance of the candidate experience. The hiring process is no longer simply offering a job, conducting an interview, and then spending weeks to get back to candidates — well at least it isn’t if you want to actually hire the qualified candidates.

There is a much more pronounced demand for talent and much less qualified talent on the job market. This means that candidates are able to be much pickier with their decisions and businesses need to do more work advertising themselves to candidates — just as candidates have to advertise themselves to businesses. When it comes to healthcare recruiting, the nursing shortage that society has been experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and continually aging population has made it extremely difficult for healthcare providers to find the qualified candidates that they need to keep up with the continued strain on hospitals and other healthcare facilities. But, with automated tools, like Qualifi, that use AI, mitigate biases, and help healthcare providers to more effectively conduct high-volume recruiting, healthcare companies can improve their hiring processes and focus on the qualified candidates that will better their facilities.

Recruitment Strategy

Improving your recruitment strategy can seem incredibly difficult but in the long run, it can be the difference between being able to hire the top talent that you need and losing that talent to your competitors. There are a number of different strategies that you can use and some strategies may work better than others for you depending on your industry and the type of hiring that you need to be done. For example, if you need to do a lot of high-volume hiring, you will want to focus on strategies and software solutions that offer asynchronous interviewing and automation features because these will help you be able to keep up with the large quantities of candidates without burning out your recruiters.

Keeping an eye on recruiting trends in healthcare can be a great way to ensure that you are making changes that are going to help improve your recruiting process rather than hurt it. Using healthcare hiring 2021 trends can be a good thing as well because while a lot changes in the hiring and recruiting market, there are a number of larger trends — such as speeding up your time-to-hire with automation tools and asynchronous interviews — that may still be applicable today. To find out more about recent trends for healthcare hiring you can do a simple web search for “physician recruitment trends 2021” or “2022 healthcare hiring trends.”

Healthcare Recruiting Tips

It is unlikely that recruiting in healthcare is going to get that much easier in the coming years — especially as the population continues to age and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to affect the daily lives of many people worldwide. But, there are still a number of tools and strategies that healthcare providers can use to improve their recruitment and hiring processes and capture the qualified candidates that are still on the job market. To improve your recruitment and selection process in healthcare it can be essential to take the time to identify who your ideal candidate is and revamp your candidate sourcing strategy by using existing recruitment sources for healthcare as well as your own recruitment strategies.

Another extremely important tool for healthcare recruiting is to use automated interviews. Especially if you are trying to hire more than one candidate, automated interviews can be incredibly effective in reducing the amount of time it takes you to process each candidate. For example, with a platform like Qualifi, you can screen candidates in just 3-5 minutes and increase your screening efficiency by 80%.

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