How AI is Changing Recruitment

March 25, 2022
Leila Spann
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Recruitment is changing rapidly, and it can be hard to keep up with hiring goals during a talent shortage. The dilemmas of hiring shortages and job dissatisfaction are creating a perfect storm, making recruiters and hiring managers fight to fill key positions.  

Tools like AI play an important and ever-changing role in modern recruiting. When your goal is to reduce the time-to-hire, automation can help speed up processes with features like screening resumes for keywords. Unfortunately, up to 40% of a recruiter’s time is spent entering data or reviewing resumes. When your goal is to reduce time-to-hire, understanding how AI works with your hiring tools can help you use them to their fullest extent.  

What is AI?

AI (artificial intelligence) can help supplement human effort that would otherwise be time-consuming. AI takes in tons of information and uses that information to complete a task. AI in your daily life might be more common than you think. It can be found in iPhones, in-home devices like Google Home and Alexa, and it is quickly making its way into the world of recruitment. 

AI doesn't need to sound like a dystopian tech story gone wrong. IN reality, AI is all around us and especially in HR tools. Talent acquisition tools often include AI as a backbone. AI is becoming integrated into hiring software to make the process more efficient and accurate.

The Role of AI in Recruiting

AI is found in the most sophisticated HR tools in recruiting today. It plays a key role in predictive software. 

  1. 💎 Finds the diamond in the rough
    It was found that 52% of talent acquisition leaders see candidate screening as the most demanding and most repetitive part of recruitment, especially from a large talent pool. AI can help a company’s first round of candidates quickly move through screening. It’s been revealed that 96% of hiring managers think that using AI can improve the recruitment and hiring process.
  1. 🪄 Helps remove bias 
    Because AI runs off of the information given, it can either reduce biases in recruitment or perpetuate current biases. If AI is based on unbiased facts and uses processes like automated phone interviews, it can mitigate recruitment biases. 
  1. 🏊 Creates a bigger candidate pool 
    AI is used in most job posting websites to help your open role get in front of the right candidates. Upturn explained that with tools like digital advertising, personalized algorithms, and job boards, AI can help draw candidates to a company’s applicant pool. AI can help you cast a wider net for a large talent pool and find the ones that would fit well within your team.   

A Recruiter’s Changing Relationship with AI 

As AI becomes a part of everyday life, it is also integrated into a recruiter’s typical workday. Recruiters strive to understand the ways AI is a part of their hiring tools and how it dramatically benefits their processes.  

Suppose you are a recruiter who is hiring hundreds of candidates at once. In that case, automation tools that use the power of AI are vital. Many recruiters are now looking to save time by automating the most routine parts of their work. For example, phone screening is the most time-consuming part of the hiring cycle. When recruiters use tools that can automatically send interview invites, gather responses, and use AI to screen candidates, they can increase their hiring efficiency by 80%

How AI Can Speed Up Hiring 

In recent years, AI has become a hot topic in the employment field as more recruiters use new platforms to save time and increase their hiring ROI. In 2018, 67% of hiring managers said AI saved time in their day. 

Qualifi uses AI to identify keywords within candidate answers on self-guided phone interviews so you can assess responses quickly. If you have hundreds of candidates to sift through for a must-fill role, you need a way to understand who should be at the top of your list. Qualifi’s AI goes through hundreds and thousands of candidates to look for keywords to help you determine if a candidate should have more consideration. 

Qualifi’s screening saves recruiters time and energy as they no longer need to search through each candidate’s response only to find they are not a good fit for the role. Up to 88% of resumes that come in for a job are considered unqualified for the position. With Qualifi’s on-demand interviews, you have a behind-the-scenes assistant to sort through and find the diamond in the rough for you.

Qualifi can cut down on how much time you are spending with busy work and match your recruiters with highly qualified candidates in record time.   

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