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"The team feels more productive. They're getting more done in a day than they ever have because they've been able to just focus on what they need to."

Alison Milhollen, Saint agnes medical center
Regional Manager, Recruitment/Talent Acquisition

"We’re able to evaluate our candidates in 5 minutes. It used to take 5 days!"

Calista Rihm, Reid health
human resources manager

"Using Qualifi has helped our recruiters hire more efficiently and see a lot more candidates in a short amount of time, as well as create a better candidate experience and interviewer experience... I don't think I could do my job without it."

Joelle Rosen, gener8tor
Director of Talent Acquisition

"Qualifi is painless. It is the easiest transition to a phone screening that I've ever had before. You don't have to schedule, sit down with people, or go back and forth."

Joe Araiza, Saint Alphonsus
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

"We were able to add it into our current process, and it was a supplement to help us do even better than what we were doing before... It was like adding a turbo boost."


"Qualifi can save you time, it can save you money, and it can save you extra personnel."

Abbie jackson, Securatech
HR Director

"I've had candidates that apply, I send them the interview, I get it back, and I schedule them for their face-to-face interview within an hour... It's insane. It really works well."

robert brown, Vulcan Materials Company
Divisional Recruiter
Eliminate manual processes.
Ace your candidate experience.
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