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Digital Interview Solutions

In today’s society, it is incredibly important for businesses to keep up with the continuously evolving technological landscape. Not only are customers of all types becoming more and more technologically savvy, but other businesses are adopting new and more advanced technologies as well. Basically, as the online market continues to grow, it is becoming more and more important that businesses keep up or they risk falling behind their competitors and losing out on opportunities. Now, when most people think of the advancing technology and the digital market they may think of social media marketing and software solutions for content creation, but one extremely important development for businesses of all kinds has been digital interview software.

Especially during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and even today after the state-mandated lockdowns have subsided, in-person interviews became extremely difficult and unnecessarily risky for both employers and candidates. Out of this time of isolation and other means of communication, came an incredibly popularization of phone and video interviewing software solutions. Both phone and video interview software solutions can be offered both synchronously and asynchronously — meaning they can be offered in real-time, where a candidate and an interviewer must both be present for an interview or offered as a one-way interview where the candidate guides themself through a series of pre-recorded questions. Now while online video conferences may be really useful when it comes to having meetings and in-team conversations, they can be incredibly time-consuming and tiring for your recruiting team as well as the candidates you are interviewing.

This can be especially applicable when you are looking for high-volume hiring solutions. High-volume hiring or recruiting is extremely important for businesses — especially in today’s society where there are a lot of people looking for positions. Having the right tools — such as an on-demand phone interview software solution, like Qualifi — can mark the line between a successful recruiting effort and a drained and empty-handed recruiting team.

What Is Digital Interview

As more and more businesses are turning to software solutions and digital tools, it is no surprise that digital interviews are also continuing to rise in popularity. These interviews give candidates a more fair chance at interviewing because they can be done without needing to physically be in a location to take them. This is especially true with asynchronous digital interviewing processes, such as a one-way phone interview.

Whether or not your business plans to use digital interviews as its primary interviewing method, or simply as the screening and technical interviewing method, these interviews can be extremely helpful in not only offering a better experience for your candidates but also dramatically lessening the workload that your recruiters and hiring managers need to do for each candidate. Because of their tremendous benefits, there are numerous digital interview examples available online today alongside many digital interview tips that you can utilize to create an effective digital interviewing process for your candidates.

One incredibly useful side effect of utilizing digital interviewing methods rather than in-person methods is the decreased time-to-hire as well as time-to-fill processes. These are two incredibly important hiring metrics that recruiters can use to see how well (or not well) your recruiting process is going and how you can continue to improve it. Additionally, an interview solution, such as on-demand phone interviews, can also help to improve the quality of your hires by ensuring that you are spending your time and energy focusing on only your most qualified and best-fitting candidates.

Asynchronous Interview

In the past few years, companies have begun to note the extreme benefits that asynchronous interviewing gives them — especially when it comes to screening or technical interviews. Where traditional phone or in-person interviews may have been the most common way to conduct interviews in the past, businesses of all types and sizes are discovering that virtual, asynchronous or one-way interview methods are here to stay, even after the COVID-19 pandemic passes.

In short, these interviews are proving to be not only a better use of recruiter and candidate time but also to be more effective in general when it comes to making quality hires quicker than any traditional interview method could. Because of this increased popularity, there has been a rise in asynchronous interview software, like Qualifi, that businesses can use to improve their hiring processes and ensure that they are making quick and effective hiring decisions. Asynchronous interviews, like Qualifi’s on-demand phone interviews, help businesses to improve their internal alignment, create a structured and self-guided interview process for candidates, improve passive recruiting, and are a much better use of everyone’s time.

High Volume Recruiting

In today’s society, it is not unusual for recruiters and hiring managers to recruit hundreds or even thousands of candidates at one time. High-volume recruiting metrics are different from normal hiring metrics because high-volume recruiting requires different skills, methods, and solutions to conduct successfully. This type of recruiting is referred to as high-volume recruiting, and it can make a recruiter’s job extremely time-consuming if it is being done completely manually. This is why many businesses employ recruitment or interview software solutions that can help them create standardized, consistent, and on-demand interviews for their hundreds of applicants to take.

On-demand interview software, such as Qualifi, helps businesses to greatly optimize and streamline their high-volume recruiting process and can help them dramatically reduce the time-to-hire while improving the quality of their hires as well. This is because, using a tool like Qualifi, businesses can easily search interview responses for the keywords and phrases that they are looking for and focus their attention on those candidates who are the most qualified and will be the best fit for their company — even with hundreds or thousands of applicants to sort through.

Video Interviewing Platform

Both phone and video interviewing platform solutions have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years and many businesses utilize one or the other to help optimize and streamline their interview processes. Because of this, there are a number of free video interview platforms or free phone interview solutions available on the market today. However, it is important to keep in mind that free or open-source video interview software solutions may not be the best video interviewing software options. This is because the free versions of interview software solutions often do not offer as many features or tools as the premium versions do.

For example, there is no free version of Qualifi’s on-demand phone interview software, but premium options can offer you a much more comprehensive set of tools and features that can better help you streamline and improve your hiring process. When looking for the best interview platforms for your business, you’ll want to look for the platform that offers the tools you need to get good, high-quality hires and shorten your time-to-hire.

Phone Interview Platform

Over the past few years, businesses of all sizes and industries have found tremendous benefits from using on-demand phone interview platform solutions, such as Qualifi, for their interviewing processes — especially when it comes to the more general screening and technical interviewing processes. A platform like Qualifi can help you not only offer more accessible and less time-consuming interviews for your candidates but mitigate unconscious biases in your hiring process and offer a consistent and structured interview that all of your candidates respond to.

An automated phone interview platform, like Qualifi, can dramatically reduce your time-to-hire by allowing many different applicants to take the interview at the same time. Then you can view and easily compare all of the interview responses in batches and quickly identify the most promising candidates that you can focus on.

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