Talent Assessment Tools

Talent assessment tools can work alongside a recruiters HR tech stack to help them hire the right people, faster.

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Easily find the candidates who are the perfect fit for your company.
Interviews are transcribed with 98% accuracy.
Identify desirable keywords in interviews.
Filter responses to review top candidates first.

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Level the playing field by mitigating bias from the beginning.

Eliminate unconscious bias by using phone interviews instead of video.
Make your interviews fair and equitable with built-in structure and consistency.
Increase accessibility with audio-based interviews.

Talent Assessment Tools

Any seasoned recruiter can tell you that it’s a daunting task to match the right talent to a vacant position. It can takes days and countless resumes to find the best fit. Even then, you can’t truly assess a candidate’s real skills and expertise from just a resume.

You need a better solution. That’s why many companies adopt skill assessment tools. These tools offer a simple way to shortlist your candidate pool. It is only a matter of finding reliable talent assessment tools that provide an easy-to-use experience and an effective suite of features to save money and time in the hiring process.

The right tools help you evaluate candidates’ readiness to take on a specific position, assessing hard and soft skills as well as potential and industry knowledge.

These HR assessment tools come in a wide range of utility and methods. That is why picking the right one depends on your industry, team, and recruitment needs. Thankfully, for streamlining assessments alongside on-demand phone interviews, you can rely on Qualifi.

Candidates Assessment

According to Zippia, it costs $98 per day to fill a vacant position. That means filling the average vacancy costs employers over $4,000 in the average 42 days to fill a position. What does this mean? To save on the cost of recruitment, companies must look at their options for reducing the time-to-hire.

However, it’s important not to trade time for quality. The key is efficiency. You have the right tools to handle your candidate assessments without causing detriment to your hiring process. Consider Qualifi as an example. Qualifi’s upcoming feature, candidate assessments, will allow you to select from a list of pre-vetted assessments built for high-volume screening. What’s more, with Qualifi you’re able to combine the interview and assessment stages of the hiring process. Such tools streamline and integrate seamlessly into your hiring process for faster time-to-hire, improved efficiency, and stronger team collaboration.

Assessments also provide candidates with an equal opportunity to show why they’re the right fit for the role. Not all applicants excel at interviews. However, that doesn’t necessarily make them less qualified for a role. Focusing on an interview alone may lead you to recruit an interview-savvy candidate over the one with the real skills that you need.

Combining assessments and interviews with Qualifi grants you and your team a holistic view of your candidate, consequently broadening your talent pool while building equity into your hiring process.

Candidate Assessment Tools

With all the candidate assessment tools available, it can be a challenge to find the right fit for your recruitment team. Choosing the wrong one can prove detrimental to your hiring process. Thankfully, Qualifi provides an easy way to introduce talent assessment tests into your hiring process alongside an easy-to-use on-demand phone interview solution.

Here’s what you can expect with Qualifi’s candidate assessments as your next and best choice for candidate assessment.  

Recruiters are often looking for flexibility in the hiring process. Qualifi’s candidate assessment allows recruiters to design and send their qualifying questions to identify the best candidates to match the needs of the role. Additionally, recruiters can select from a list of pre-vetted assessments.

It’s important to remember that the tools you choose shouldn’t complicate your hiring process. It should improve upon it and streamline the tedious tasks that keep recruiters from the real work they need to focus on. Qualifi’s platform minimizes the steps to send interviews and assessments to candidates instantly, making high-volume recruiting a breeze.

Self-guided phone interviews can save save your team hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Want to see exactly how much? Use our ROI calculator to find out.

Talent Acquisition Software

It’s no secret the task of talent acquisition is constantly changing — between the constant march of technology and shifting demands of the labor market. That can make it difficult for any recruiting team to keep up. Thankfully, problems demand solutions, and the array of recruiting software available provides plenty of options for the modern recruiter to tackle the worst talent acquisition has to offer.

Modern recruiting solutions for talent acquisition software already provide an edge for many companies. Consequently, companies still using traditional methods are losing out on some of the best talent available.

However, how do you know which one is right for you and your team?

A key aspect to look for is a platform that makes the best use of AI and machine learning solutions. Take Qualifi as an example. Qualifi’s recruitment management system features artificial intelligence and machine learning to screen and highlight the best candidates for recruiters, drastically reducing screening time. The benefits of AI can free recruiters to focus on the best talent available before you lose them to a competitor. According to Career Plug, 84% of job seekers reported that responsiveness from recruiters directly influenced their decision to accept job offers.

Hiring software

There are constantly new solutions for recruiters appearing. This includes a wide array of hiring software to assist in finding the very best candidates to fill vacancies. Which one is best for you can depend on your recruiting goals. However, it’s important to note that not all software is created equal.

What’s more, some software is better for large businesses than small businesses or even the other way around. Make sure the solution you pick fits your company. Qualifi, for example, offers an on-demand phone interview platform to streamline your interviewing phase faster and more efficiently than ever. Respond to your job posting applicants 7x times faster by using Qualifi’s self-guided interviews to screen hundreds of applicants at a time.

When it comes to applicant tracking systems, or ATS, Qualifi has you covered again. Qualifi can help bundle the most important features you can ask for from a hiring software solution. These features include easy applicant tracking and improved communication throughout your team while improving providing an innovative interview solution in a single tool.

As always, it’s also essential to remember the importance of candidate experience. That means finding the right candidate relationship management platform for you and your company. With Qualifi, you can track candidates throughout the interview process while streamlining communication as your team weighs the candidates’ qualifications. As a result, your hiring process becomes more candidate-focused and provides improved response times for candidates.

Best Talent Assessment Tools

The talent assessment process assists recruiters in accurately evaluating candidates' readiness to take on a specific position by assessing their hard and soft skills as well as other important aspects of their character. This ensures not only are the candidates possess the right skills for the job, but also will be a good fit in the company culture.

When looking for the best talent assessment tools, you’re looking for the ones that fit seamlessly into your hiring process without sacrificing candidate experience through tedium. That means you need a tool that’s both convenient and easy to use. That’s another reason you should check out Qualifi’s new candidate assessments feature.

The same can be said of the best behavioral assessment tools available. Including such a test in your talent assessment strategy allows you to gauge the personality and behavior of a candidate to see how they will mesh in the company as well as the tools they’ll need to succeed. Using Qualifi’s candidate assessments feature, you can seamlessly include this during the interview stage to cut down on time and gain a holistic view of your candidate.

If you want to find out more about how Qualifi can help your recruiting team, try for free today.

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