Hiring for High-Volume Recruiting

March 8, 2022
Leila Spann
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High-volume hiring takes a strategic mind, a streamlined team, and a nose for quality, all at the same time. High-volume recruiters receive hundreds of applications a day, making it crucial to be strategic from the very beginning. Recruiters need to first attract the right candidates, provide a positive candidate experience, and remain unbiased in their hiring decisions.

This multitude of tasks is difficult in high-volume recruiting, but not impossible. Recruiters can save time, money, and energy with the right hiring tools while finding the perfect candidate. So what is the first step high-volume recruiters can take, and how do you attract talent at scale?

🙌 What is Volume Recruiting?

High-volume recruiting, also called mass recruiting, is when companies recruit a large number of candidates in a short amount of time.

Hiring managers often recruit hundreds or thousands of candidates at a time. The average job posting rarely receives more than 50 applicants, but high-volume hiring often brings upwards of 250 applicants. 

Recruiters often see candidates just changing industries or people that have little experience in the field and are looking for more. When candidates with little experience apply in the thousands, it is a never-ending task for recruiters to find a high-quality candidate. Recruiters need efficient tools and strategies to sift through mass amounts of applications, without missing their diamond in the rough.

✍️ Rewrite Your Job Posting

If recruiters want to have one quality hire, they need at least 180 people to look at their job postings. To meet this goal, recruiters need to attract candidates with well-written job postings. When you are writing a job posting, aim for honesty. This shows that you know your audience.

Candidates are looking for honest and realistic job postings. Consider what type of attitude and tone you want your ideal candidate to have, and match that tone within your job posting. This is your first chance to establish trust with a candidate, which will have a long-term effect on your retention. 

Your job posting should also highlight your brand to set you apart from the crowd. High-volume hiring focuses on authenticity and uniqueness to attract the perfect candidates.

🧠 Smart Sourcing 

High-volume recruiting must be done through multiple channels. Start your candidate search by connecting with your current top employees. Have a referral program so that employees bring quality candidates. Your top employees know what you are looking for in a candidate, and can help you find ones that fit your needs. 

Finding perfect candidates is easier when you identify your candidate persona. When marketers sell a product, they have an ideal customer in mind. This means that they outline the type of person that will buy their product, their goals, interests, social circles, and more. You can market your open position to your ideal candidate persona. Ask yourself what experience and interests your perfect candidate has, along with their values and work ethic. Candidate personas often help in rapid hiring, as they can significantly speed up the hiring process. 

Candidate personas also help pinpoint where to find quality candidates.

Source your candidates from multiple channels.  Your ideal candidate may spend less time on LinkedIn and more time on Instagram or TikTok. High-volume recruiters can also expand their search by using their state's unemployment database and industry-specific sites. Connecting with universities and colleges can also bring recruiters closer to their ideal candidate. 

🤩 Retention, Retention, Retention 

A high-volume recruiter may hire the perfect candidate, but the candidate may leave the position if they find the pay or benefits insufficient. We saw this with the Great Resignation in 2021

Employees want more than a well-paying position.

People want to work for companies that recognize their needs outside of productivity.

This looks like offering diverse and holistic benefits, offering fair and equitable pay, and keeping the door open for communication. 

It can be hard to offer clear communication to every candidate in high-volume hiring. Have resources and hiring tools in place to supplement communication, and share your honest job expectations, benefits, and pay. Then, keep an open line of communication with your new hires, and provide ample training to make them feel comfortable in their position. Show that you care for your candidate's holistic needs throughout the interview and hiring process. 

⏳ Time-to-Hire

Companies with a slow recruitment process are more likely to miss out on top candidates. Indeed found that long application processes annoy 42% of job hunters. If application processes take too long, 57% of applicants lose interest. 

To improve your candidate experience, pay attention to where you gain applications attention and where you notice applicant numbers dropping. You may notice a high number of people clicking on your career page but it didn't lead many people to apply. You may see a high number of people start an application, but never see the finished application come through. Fill in these gaps by adding thoughtful writing to your career page and shortening your application process.  

Scheduling a one-on-one phone interview may seem like a necessary part of an application process, but it actually can be done automatically and is the biggest bottleneck in your time-to-hire. Glassdoor found scheduling phone interviews one at a time can add between 6.8 and 8.2 days to your hiring process. This takes more time than a background check or in-person interviews! Recruiters need scheduling and hiring tools to reduce this bottleneck and improve their candidate experience. 

🧰 Using the Correct Tools 

Without the correct tools, high-volume recruiters are sifting through 250+ applications manually. It can feel like eternally pushing a boulder up a hill. High-volume hiring without the right tools can make recruiters feel burnt out and lead to hires based on gut feelings and biases rather than data. These instinct hires can lead to high turnover, and another position to fill. 

The perfect hiring tool saves recruiters time, helps cleverly source applicants, and shortens time-to-hire. Qualifi checks each of these boxes and tracks data to help fill any gaps in your hiring process. 

Qualifi is perfect for high-volume recruiting, as it can invite hundreds of applicants to an on-demand interview at once. Recruiters can eliminate the back-and-forth of trying to schedule a phone interview. Instead, they can send a candidate an invite to a self-guided interview, then review all of the candidates at once. Recruiters can use Qualifi to reevaluate previous candidates, and can easily source more quality candidates. 

You can also use Qualifi to track high-quality data, such as your time-to-hire, the quality of your source, and even your cost-per-hire. This data can lead you towards better decision-making that will save you time and money. The Qualifi platform is also easily accessible on our mobile app, helping recruiters to access the data they need. 

Qualifi is the perfect addition to your recruitment team. Qualifi’s platform is the recruiter that works overnight and weekends to find the best candidates.

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