How To Make a Great Candidate Experience for Remote Hires

April 7, 2022
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As working from home and hiring remotely increases, it can be hard to create a warm and inviting environment during a candidate's hiring experience. Nonetheless, companies need to make an effort to create a great candidate experience for all potential new hires. According to research by Robert Half, 57% of job seekers will lose interest in a position if the application process takes too long.

Communication and clear expectations are especially important when hiring remotely. 83% of candidates mentioned that a clear timeline of the hiring process would improve the overall experience.

A candidate's hiring experience not only matters to them but for your success in hiring top talent. We have five steps you can take to ensure a great remote hiring experience.

5 Steps to Creating a Great Experience for Remote Hires

1. Help potential employees before they even apply

Having a company culture blog is a great way to make a good impression on potential candidates. Consistently updating your blog will allow you to explain the work you do, why it’s important, and how your employees are involved in the process.

Potential candidates are likely to search your company to see your online presence. Use your social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to show your company's values. This can also be a good place to share what type of work you do, the type of work environment you foster, and the type of candidates you need.

2. Be transparent

As you get to know the candidate, be sure to help them get to know your company. Share how your company began, its future goals, and share how you receive and apply employee feedback. Give your candidate time to express themselves, and explain any reason their resume may fall short.

Be honest about when the candidate can expect a response from you, and tell them right away if you decide to reject their application. Using a tool like Qualifi can help speed up your interview process and make communication easy. If you find a candidate may be a good fit, Qualifi keeps their information safe and accessible so that you can review their interview and easily land on a decision.

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3. Let candidates take control

Allow candidates to pick the date and time for their interview. During the interview, make time for the candidate to speak freely about themselves and their career goals, employment gaps, and preferences in the workplace. Interview scheduling tools, like Qualifi, allow candidates to interview on their own schedule and allow you to review all of the candidates at once.

Asynchronous interviews make it easy to have standardized questions, and allow you to structure the interview so candidates can express themselves and put their best foot forward.

4. Duplicate the good parts of the in-person hiring experience

Just because you're conducting the hiring process remotely doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all of the characteristics of in-person interviewing and onboarding. New hires appreciate efforts taken to make them feel welcome to their new company.

Make new remote hires feel more welcomed by giving virtual tours of the office, talking to them about the company structure, arranging meetings with members of the leadership team, and making sure they get acquainted with coworkers in a more casual setting.

Make them feel more welcome by going the extra mile and send them a welcome basket full of company merchandise, or tools that can help them throughout their workday. You could also include their favorite snack to make it more personalized.

5. Use Qualifi

If you need to hire a lot of new employees, you can drastically speed up your hiring process by using Qualifi. We make it easy to conduct audio-based interviews quickly. Our platform allows you to send bulk invitations to multiple candidates at once and reminds you when you’re due to provide feedback and responses to candidates.

From start to finish, Qualifi provides a positive interview and hiring experience. The fast and accessible interview process will provide a positive impression to your new hire and make it easy for you to find a candidate that fits well within your work environment.

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