Virtual Interview Platforms

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We know you need to make quality hires — yesterday. Your job can feel chaotic when you can't stay ahead. We created a tool to help you screen all of your candidates in one day.

Like traditional phone interviews, but faster

All of the value that comes from phone screens, in a fraction of the time.
Evaluate every candidate in five minutes.
Shorten your time-to-hire by 6-8 days.
Get started instantly, and be up and running in a single day.

Engage via email, texting, and more

Reach your talent wherever they are.

See which channels drive the best results.
Place an interview link anywhere you'd like to source more candidates.
Generate QR Codes that point straight to your interviews.

Identify keywords and hiring insights instantly

Easily find the candidates who are the perfect fit for your company.
Interviews are transcribed with 98% accuracy.
Identify desirable keywords in interviews.
Filter responses to review top candidates first.

Put diversity first

Level the playing field by mitigating bias from the beginning.

Eliminate unconscious bias by using phone interviews instead of video.
Make your interviews fair and equitable with built-in structure and consistency.
Increase accessibility with audio-based interviews.

Virtual Interview Platforms

The days of spending 15 minutes in a pristine and uninviting waiting room counting down the minutes until your interview begins only to then wait days or even weeks before even knowing how you did are long gone. Not only are many businesses implementing remote and hybrid working environments that don’t even require employees to meet their bosses and colleagues in person, but many businesses are simply learning how to better streamline and optimize their interviewing processes using virtual interview platforms. The world of recruitment is always changing and one of the most influential changes recently has been the popularization of virtual interview software.

Virtual interviews are not only more accessible to candidates who may not live in the area but they are also a more efficient use of both the candidates’ and the recruiters’ time. Now, there are a number of virtual interview tools out on the market today — from interview scheduling tools to on-demand phone interview tools, like Qualifi. In reality, if you are looking for the most effective type of virtual interviewing platform, you’ll likely be focusing your attention on asynchronous or on-demand interviewing tools. The important distinction between on-demand interviewing and more traditional strategies is that these tools allow candidates to interview at any time that is best for them.

Asynchronous interviewing tools are available 24/7 and do not require both the recruiter and the candidate to be present to conduct an interview. This is especially valuable in situations where your business may be working on high-volume hiring or you are simply looking to speed up your hiring process so that you don’t lose your most qualified and best fitting candidates to your competition. On-demand interview platforms, like Qualifi, allow your recruiters to review and compare candidates in just minutes rather than spending an hour (or longer) on every single one. This can dramatically increase the overall productivity and efficiency of your recruiting team and also help you to keep the interest of your candidates for the entire hiring process — rather than losing them to a competitor because you’re still busy reviewing their resumes.

Online Interview

There are a number of online interview platforms today that businesses can use to make their recruiting and hiring process much more efficient and effective overall. Finding which platform to use can be a tough decision for most businesses — after all if you are going to implement a new system you’d probably like to ensure that it is going to work well for you. This is why it is incredibly important to ensure that your recruiting and hiring teams are on the same page. If you want to ensure that the platform or software solution that you are bringing into your business is going to be effective in helping you to make better quality hiring decisions and streamline your hiring process, you will need to get both of these teams on the same page.

One incredibly valuable tool that you can use to accomplish this is intake meetings. Intake meetings are between a recruiter and a hiring manager and they are where both teams establish their goals, metrics, and timelines, as well as establish trust and open a line of communication between the two teams who are responsible for all of your business’s current and future talent. So, how can you use these to create a more effective hiring process and find the right online interview system for your business?

To have a productive intake meeting, you will want to take the time to create alignment between the two teams. You should discuss each team’s goals, timelines, and metrics and then come up with mutual agreements for all of these aspects. In other words, you will want to ensure that all members of both teams are on the same page and comfortable with the hiring game plan. An intake meeting can also be a good time to discuss what type of interviewing tools or platforms you want to use. For example, an on-demand phone interview platform, like Qualifi, can help you to speed up, streamline, and optimize your screening process while also allowing your recruiters and hiring managers to collaborate in real-time. This can be a great way to ensure that both teams are equipped with the same information and are better able to come to decisions together.

ROI Solutions had hundreds of no-shows for their video interviews. When they switched to self-guided phone interviews, no-shows dropped from 50% to 7%.

Best Interview Platforms

With the many different interview platforms that are available today, it can be incredibly challenging to determine which one will be the best solution for your business’s hiring needs. Maybe you are looking for an online interview app that offers video interviews and interview scheduling software or maybe you would prefer a phone interviewing platform. Both video and phone interviews can be an incredible step above traditional interviewing methods because they can be much more accessible to applicants who are not living in the same location as your business — which is becoming less and less of a necessity for many companies.

One way to make your interviewing process even more accessible and pleasant for your candidates is to use an on-demand phone or video interviewing platform. What is an on-demand online interview? Well, there are many different types of online interview website options and on-demand options allow candidates to interview at any time — day or night. Basically, these platforms help your business to create pre-recorded interviews that are accessible to your candidates 24/7 so that they can take their interview when it suits them best. This shows your candidates that you respect their time and also helps to give you a much more consistent interview script that makes it easier to compare candidates effectively.

Video Interviewing

One type of online interviewing that has gained popularity over the past few years is asynchronous video interviewing. There are a number of video assessment software solutions available that can be used to help streamline your interview process and create a more consistent interview experience for all of your candidates. If you are looking for a more general video interviewing platform that can work for many different types of positions, there is likely to be a solution that will help you to dramatically improve and speed up your interview process.

So, how do these platforms help your interview process? Well, the bottom line is mainly that an asynchronous interview platform (whether it is a video or a phone interview platform) does not require the interviewer to be present. Basically, a video interview app or platform uses pre-recorded interview questions that candidates answer when they take their interview. This makes it easier to give many interviews in one day and it gives your recruiting team back the valuable time that they would otherwise be spending scheduling and conducting interviews.

On-Demand Phone Interviews

Just like on-demand video interviews, on-demand phone interview software allows your recruiting team to come up with and record an interview script that is used for all candidates. Essentially, this means that every single candidate is getting the same interview questions, asked in the same exact manner — which leads to a more consistent interview experience as well as a more efficient interview review and comparison process. Another advantage of an asynchronous phone interview is that it can help to mitigate unconscious biases and provide a fair and even ground for all of your candidates.

Unlike video interviews, an automated phone interview does not require candidates to show their faces, surroundings, or any other identifying information that an unconscious bias could be based on. Instead, the interviewer is simply focused on assessing the answers that a candidate is giving to the interview questions. This leads to a much more fair basis for hiring decisions and allows businesses to feel that they are hiring the best possible candidates for the job — regardless of background, sexual orientation, religion, gender, and any other biases that may affect the diversity of the workplace.

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