How ROI cut down no-shows from 50% to 7% by switching from video interviews to Qualifi

ROI Solutions had hundreds of no-shows for their video interviews. Now, with self-guided phone interviews, they cut down no-shows from 50% to 7%.
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Key Results
  • Decreased interview no-shows by 43%
  • Recruiting 24/7 without working 24/7
  • Completely eliminated scheduling
“Using Qualifi has helped our recruiting team fill in the gaps in our schedule, so the team is always busy hiring”
Matthew Allen
Director of Operations and Recruiting

ROI Solutions is an ever-expanding call center. With 13 recruiters, the team stays busy. They needed a tool to help them cut down on wasted time spent tracking down no-show interviews. When they introduced Qualifi to their recruiters, the numbers spoke for themselves. 


ROI Solutions had 800 employees and desperately needed to hire more. 


Since using Qualifi and changing its hiring process, ROI Solutions now has 2,200 employees. Hiring has expanded across the U.S. and internationally. ROI Solutions hires in Utah, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Rhode Island, Alaska. Internationally the company hires in the Philippines and in Mexico. “Proof is there that [Qualifi] does work and it is helpful,” says Matthew, Director of Operations and Recruiting for ROI Solutions. 

The Challenge 

ROI Solutions often hires entry-level team members in a high-volume. They often find a large percentage of no-shows for the first round of interviews. 

“We've tried a bunch of different platforms, because we wanted to try things to see if we could make the process better. One of the things that we tried maybe a year ago is video interviews, and we actually didn't see very good success with that,” says Matthew. “We didn't see very many people completing the interviews, and what we ended up doing is we spent all of our time hounding people to do their video interviews.”

Using video conferencing to conduct interviews held ROI Solutions back and ate up valuable time for their recruiters. "Rather than actually doing interviews, we were spending time trying to get people to do the video interview, and so we stopped doing that because it was a waste of our time," continues Matthew.

"I think the difference here with Qualifi — because the candidate can do it whenever they want to do it, and because it's over the phone and it's less intrusive — I think it fits more, especially because we're a call center. It fits more with who we're looking to hire as well... We didn't have to spend the time to hound them to go do it. So we had a better completion rate than we did in comparison to the video interviews."

"I think that [switching to Qualifi] helped with the no-show rate, especially in comparison with the video interviews, because the video interviews, it was terrible. We spent a lot of money trying the video interviews, and nobody wanted to do it. People don't want to turn on the cameras."

The Process 

Changing a team’s tech stack can be a little unnerving. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. “I think for us, the number one reason that we were cautious in making a change is we have a process that works,” says Matthew. “So it's scary to change that process because we didn't want to mess up what was working. We were worried that if we tried this, ‘Am I going to wreck what is already working, destroy my numbers, and set myself even further back?’”

But a slight change in ROI Solutions’ hiring process — substituting self-guided phone interviews for video interviews — revealed the missing piece to a fast and effective hiring cycle. 

"I think the nice thing about Qualifi is it didn't set us back any,” says Matthew. “We were able to add it into our current process, and it was a supplement to help us do even better than what we were doing before.”

“It was like adding a turbo boost” — Matthew, Director of Operations and Recruiting 

The Result 

Once the recruiters at ROI Solutions switched from video interviews to phone interviews — which the candidates could take any time they wanted — the team saw instant success. Recruiters at ROI solutions note how much they appreciate Qualifi because now they don’t have to wait around for no-show interviews. After introducing Qualifi, no-show interviews dropped from 50 percent to 7 percent.

“Qualifi is a must-have tool. It ensures that you are in control of being able to hire the people that you need to hire, and you no longer are at the mercy of people who may not show up.” – Matthew, Director of Operations and Recruiting

After using Qualifi, ROI Solutions found that they were able to: 

  • Cut down the number of no-show interviews from 50 percent to 7 percent. 
  • Go from 800 employees to 2,200 in less than a year
  • Gain back the time they previously spent tracking down interview no-shows 

The extra time has allowed the ROI Solutions team to find new recruitment markets. 

“Using Qualifi has helped our recruiting team fill in the gaps in our schedule, so the team is always busy hiring” – Matthew, Director of Operations and Recruiting

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Want a 43% decrease in interview no-shows?