Interview Scheduling Automation Tools

Scheduling interviews can eat up a ton of time for recruiters. Read how automation software can help.

Welcome to your new phone interviewing platform

We know you need to make quality hires — yesterday. Your job can feel chaotic when you can't stay ahead. We created a tool to help you screen all of your candidates in one day.

Like traditional phone interviews, but faster

All of the value that comes from phone screens, in a fraction of the time.
Evaluate every candidate in five minutes.
Shorten your time-to-hire by 6-8 days.
Get started instantly, and be up and running in a single day.

Engage via email, texting, and more

Reach your talent wherever they are.

See which channels drive the best results.
Place an interview link anywhere you'd like to source more candidates.
Generate QR Codes that point straight to your interviews.

Identify keywords and hiring insights instantly

Easily find the candidates who are the perfect fit for your company.
Interviews are transcribed with 98% accuracy.
Identify desirable keywords in interviews.
Filter responses to review top candidates first.

Put diversity first

Level the playing field by mitigating bias from the beginning.

Eliminate unconscious bias by using phone interviews instead of video.
Make your interviews fair and equitable with built-in structure and consistency.
Increase accessibility with audio-based interviews.

Interview Scheduling Automation Tools

Over the last decade, technology has drastically changed the recruiting process. Scheduling automation, for example, has seriously improved the speed at which recruiting teams can hire.

According to Yello, 67% of recruiters report scheduling an interview with a single candidate takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours. That means it could take a single recruiter up to 10 hours just to schedule interviews for only 5 candidates. So, it is little wonder that many recruiters spend up to two-thirds of their hiring time on the interview process. And that time is valuable. With only so many hours in the workday, recruiters need help to reach the best talent available. Thankfully, there are an array of modern recruiting tools available to do just that.

Scheduling automation allows recruiters to eliminate interview scheduling from the hiring process almost entirely. It allows recruiters to spend less time on scheduling interviews and rather focus on more important tasks such as screening candidates. What’s more, phone interview scheduling software makes it possible to reach the best candidates faster while still providing a better candidate experience. According to Career Plug, 84% of job seekers reported that recruiter responsiveness after applying directly influenced their decision to accept a job offer.

When automation is applied to the phone interview, your team is empowered to recruit 24/7. This around-the-clock recruiting power is in part due to the innovative one-way interview. One-way interviewing allows recruiters to engage candidates asynchronously on their own time.

By offering an interview solution that respects candidates’ time and provides flexibility, your team is empowered to handle larger candidate pipelines. Qualifi’s research found that this method of interview brought in 75.5% more interviews, many of which took place outside of typical interview hours. Plus, automating your interview process streamlines talent acquisition by eliminating many of the manual administrative functions that often slow down recruiters.

Interview Scheduling

Interview scheduling is consistently one of the big challenges for recruiters. As we already discussed, scheduling is in fact the longest part of the hiring process for most teams. So, it is the most natural place to start when you’re looking to speed up your hiring process.

By accelerating your scheduling, you will find that you are removing one of the biggest sources of anxiety and frustration for candidates. As such, remedying this with a quick response time improves your chances of making a good impression on candidates and reaching the best talent before your competitors.

As such, hiring managers and employers overall should look to interview scheduling software. It is specifically designed to eliminate the most tedious of clerical tasks from a recruiter’s workload. However, there is more to it than implementing any old software.

Effectively implementing interview scheduling software takes a meaningful amount of team collaboration. Recruiters need to open the conversation with their hiring managers to define the goals of the hiring process. From there, your team can establish how to best utilize interview scheduling software for a better hiring process.

Thankfully, not only does Qualifi’s on-demand interview platform provide quick and easy interview scheduling, it’s a platform to allow your team to collaborate effectively during the hiring process. That means not only do you get the means to implement interview scheduling software into your hiring process, you’re also empowered to implement it effectively.

Build a high-volume recruiting engine that drives itself.

Best Scheduling Software

There is an inherent challenge in finding the best scheduling software available. Countless services available today claim to be the best but consistently fall short of being the versatile platforms they claim to be. However, there are some key qualities to look for in a scheduling solution to help identify the best scheduling software for your business.

Integration with your existing tools is only one example. The best scheduling software will works either on its own or alongside your existing software. Qualifi is one platform that provides a service that can stand alone or work alongside 30+ of the most popular applicant tracking systems (or ATS).

Platforms with this quality offer teams a tool that seamlessly joins their workflow.

Another quality that you’re looking for in any recruiting software, including scheduling, is the ability to meet the demands of high-volume recruiting. Up to 65% of companies have high-volume hiring needs, and other companies will frequently experience the demand intermittently. As such, your scheduling software must be able to keep up.

And finally, be sure to look out for tools like Qualifi that are driven by AI in some form. Artificial intelligence supplements human effort by automating the most time-consuming and repetitive of tasks. As such, AI is expected to play an ever-increasingly important role in the future of modern recruiting over the proceeding years.  

So, don’t be fooled by platforms that claim to be an end-all solution to your hiring problems. Instead focus on finding the platform that matches your business’s needs, a truly flexible platform that works along your existing tools and meets any level of hiring demand. You need a platform like Qualifi.

Self-Guided Interview

Often paired with automated interview scheduling is the self-guided interview. While traditional interviews are still as reliable today as they were a decade ago, the self-guided interview allows for more flexible interview times. As we discussed, this flexibility enables recruiters to interview more candidates while improving the candidate experience.

On-demand interviews begin with the recruiter pre-recording questions for their candidates. These questions are then shared with potentially hundreds of candidates at a time. These candidates can then respond at a time convenient for them. As a result, both candidate and the recruiter don’t have the tedium of the initial interview process.

What’s more, when you work with Qualifi’s on-demand phone interview platform, the power of AI transcribes interviews and identifies certain keywords. These keywords allow recruiters to sort potential candidates. Therefore, the best talent rises to the top of the screening process.

Allowing talent to rise to the top drastically speeds up the hiring process. As such, recruiters can make job offers faster by reducing time-to-hire. This is essential to the modern recruiter, as 57% of today’s candidates will lose interest if the hiring process takes too long.

Ultimately, self-guided interviews help recruiters hire faster and reduce the time spend screening. Qualifi’s platform can give you the resources to implement this style of an interview into your hiring process and streamline your recruiting team’s workflow.

Try Qualifi for free today to see firsthand what self-guided interviews and scheduling automation can do for your team’s hiring process.

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