When do candidates want to interview?

128 hours in a given week fall outside of typical business hours. Would it surprise you to hear that 43% of job candidates prefer to interview during those 128 hours? Qualifi's guide to the most popular interview times equips you with the knowledge needed to snag your dream candidates.

Want to scale your interviews even further?

Eliminate Scheduling
Increase your candidate pipeline by 5x by inviting candidates as soon as they apply, and free up hours each week on your calendar.
Evaluate Candidates in 5 Minutes
Recruit like your team is 7x larger. Send one invite to all of your candidates, and listen to their responses all at once, like a playlist. Transcriptions help you identify keywords for even faster hiring.
Upgrade the Candidate Experience
Candidates can take their interview at any hour of the day... or night. Maintain the human touch with real voices – yours & theirs. Stay aligned with other departments to bring them the best fit.