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We know you need to make quality hires — yesterday. Your job can feel chaotic when you can't stay ahead. We created a tool to help you screen all of your candidates in one day.

Like traditional phone interviews, but faster

All of the value that comes from phone screens, in a fraction of the time.
Evaluate every candidate in five minutes.
Shorten your time-to-hire by 6-8 days.
Get started instantly, and be up and running in a single day.

Engage via email, texting, and more

Reach your talent wherever they are.

See which channels drive the best results.
Place an interview link anywhere you'd like to source more candidates.
Generate QR Codes that point straight to your interviews.

Identify keywords and hiring insights instantly

Easily find the candidates who are the perfect fit for your company.
Interviews are transcribed with 98% accuracy.
Identify desirable keywords in interviews.
Filter responses to review top candidates first.

Put diversity first

Level the playing field by mitigating bias from the beginning.

Eliminate unconscious bias by using phone interviews instead of video.
Make your interviews fair and equitable with built-in structure and consistency.
Increase accessibility with audio-based interviews.

Interview As A Service

The world of recruitment and interviewing is always changing — especially with all of the technological advancements that have been happening over the past years. Any and all shifts in the job (and even commerce) market affect recruiting strategies and can even alter recruiting demands. Because of this, it is essential that businesses can keep up with these continuous changes in the market or risk being left behind by their competitors. This frequently leaves recruiters and hiring managers as the ones who need access to the best and most advanced tools in a company. This is essential because as the job market shifts in focus towards a more candidate-centric approach, recruiters are finding themselves needing to show candidates that they are valued — and when you’re trying to hire a high volume of candidates or you’re simply looking to scoop up the best talent before someone else does, having the best tools, like an automated interview platform, can be critical.

As more and more businesses are finding the need for these types of recruitment and hiring tools, there have been a number of interview as a service (IaaS) tools that have come up and become popular. An IaaS tool is basically a tool that helps you to quickly and effectively screen candidates based on their qualifications and skills that would make them a good candidate to continue interviewing. Basically, rather than having a dedicated technical interviewer, or even a team of dedicated technical interviewers, and doing your screening interviews through that interviewer before passing candidates off to another interviewer, an IaaS tool allows you to automate this process. This makes the entire screening process quicker and more efficient.

An IaaS tool can also be more effective than technical interview outsourcing because rather than paying another business to conduct technical interviews for you, you are able to easily and quickly conduct them yourself without having to spend the time or money to individually speak with each candidate. This allows you to easily assess your candidates and find the most promising ones all in your own business.

On-Demand Interview

One tool that can be incredibly useful in this type of automated screening interview is Qualifi’s on-demand phone interview platform. This platform allows you to easily record all of your screening or technical interview questions and create a self-guided phone interview that all of your candidates can take. Once you have created the on-demand interview, you can send it out to hundreds of candidates at once as soon as they apply for a position. And then, because the phone interview is asynchronous and self-guided, multiple candidates can take it simultaneously, and you can view all of their responses back to back like a playlist for easier and more efficient comparison. This allows you to not waste time on one-to-one screening interviews and easily identify your most promising candidates so you can set up your following interviews with them.

An on-demand hiring platform can be a great way to ensure that your recruiting team is not only prepared for the changes in recruitment trends but also that you are ready and able to perform high-volume recruiting as well. High-volume recruiting can be incredibly difficult if you are spending hours and days scheduling, conducting, and reviewing interviews — especially if you’re doing this for the screenings as well as second and third interviews. Because of this, an automated phone screening process, like an on-demand phone screening interview, can mark the difference between hiring a promising candidate and losing them to a competitor. Qualifi’s platform helps your business to screen more candidates each day, offer a flexible and pleasant candidate experience, help your recruiting teams keep their decision unbiased, and reduce the overall time-to-hire — making it more likely that you’ll hold on to those promising candidates.

Learn how Reid Health decreased interview times by 44% without hiring additional Recruiters.

Technical Interview As A Service

As more and more companies are implementing technical interviews or screening interviews as the first part of their interview processes, more and more interview as a service companies are popping up and offering solutions to conducting these initial interviews more effectively and efficiently. Because of this, there are a number of technical interview as a service companies that businesses can choose from when figuring out how to better streamline and optimize their interview process. For example, if you are an international company, it may be beneficial to look for IaaS companies that work internationally. To find which companies to look at, try doing a web search for “technical interview as a service India” or enter in the name of whichever countries that you work with to see what companies may be the best option for you.

Both screening and technical interviews are often the “first round” of the interview process and as such, they have to be given to the largest number of candidates. Doing all of those interviews in real-time with a screening or technical interview panel judging each candidate as they are interviewed as well as when they are being compared to their peers can be not only time-consuming but also extremely exhausting. In order to help combat recruiter burnout, you can dramatically reduce your recruiters’ workload by using an on-demand phone screening platform, like Qualifi. Qualifi eliminates the time-consuming task of manually scheduling and conducting interviews and lets your recruiters focus on reviewing and comparing candidates’ responses so that you can get back to them as quickly as possible and move on with only the most promising ones — before you lose them to the competition.

Interview Companies

Due to the increasing popularity of interview automation platforms, software, and tools, there is a pronounced increase in the number of interview solution companies that offer tools and platforms to help conduct interviews for businesses — such as Qualifi. Company interview processes can benefit from an interview outsourcing company that conducts interviews for them or a software solution that helps them to more effectively conduct their own interviews asynchronously. While both of these options have their pros and cons, both help to relieve the pressure placed on your company’s screening or technical interview panel and make the candidates’ experiences more pleasant and more efficient. This helps you to demonstrate to your candidates that their time and energy are respected and gives them a good impression of your company — so they actually want to work with you.

While there are many expert interview companies on the market today, sometimes it can be more effective and beneficial to your business to do everything in-house. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to work your recruiters to the bone and make them spend all of their time scheduling and conducting interviews because that will not get you anywhere. What it does mean is that using an interview platform, like Qualifi, could be all you need to optimize and streamline your interview process and dramatically speed up your time-to-hire. Qualifi’s platform allows you to conduct your screening interviews asynchronously over the phone — this means that you can have multiple candidates taking the interview at the same time. No more time wasted scheduling and conducting screening interviews, with Qualifi’s platform you can send interview invites to hundreds of candidates at once and they can take them whenever works best for them — even if it is after hours or over the weekend! This shows candidates that you value their time and respect their schedules and allows them to give you the best interview they can without worrying about being late or rushed.

Interview As A Service Platform

As society continues to embrace a more digital world, many businesses are finding themselves needing a more advanced and efficient interview process to keep up with the growing demands of customers and candidates alike. Because of this, there has been an increase in the number and popularity of interview software solutions. There are a wide variety of these solutions available, from interview as a service platform solutions to on-demand phone interview platforms, like Qualifi. Companies that offer interview as a service (USA-based or international) software or tools can bring a lot of benefits to your business’s interview processes. However, these services are often the same as interview outsourcing services. Because of this, sometimes businesses can find it more effective to simply revamp their interview processes with an automated solution. This way, all of the interviews are still being conducted in-house, and you can have a better record of candidates.

One way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your interview process while still conducting it yourself is to use an on-demand phone interview platform, like Qualifi. Essentially, Qualifi allows you to record your interview questions and send them out in a self-guided phone interview to hundreds of candidates at once. And because the phone interview is asynchronous, you don’t have to worry about scheduling or conducting interviews during your availability, candidates can take the self-guided interview whenever it works best for them. Then all of the responses are collected and you can easily compare them on the platform and make quick and effective decisions on who you’d like to further interview and which candidates may not be the best qualified or the best fit for your business.

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