Scheduling Interviews for Candidates

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Evaluate every candidate in five minutes.
Shorten your time-to-hire by 6-8 days.
Get started instantly, and be up and running in a single day.

Engage via email, texting, and more

Reach your talent wherever they are.

See which channels drive the best results.
Place an interview link anywhere you'd like to source more candidates.
Generate QR Codes that point straight to your interviews.

Identify keywords and hiring insights instantly

Easily find the candidates who are the perfect fit for your company.
Interviews are transcribed with 98% accuracy.
Identify desirable keywords in interviews.
Filter responses to review top candidates first.

Put diversity first

Level the playing field by mitigating bias from the beginning.

Eliminate unconscious bias by using phone interviews instead of video.
Make your interviews fair and equitable with built-in structure and consistency.
Increase accessibility with audio-based interviews.

Scheduling Interviews for Candidates

One of the most time-consuming parts of the interviewing and hiring processes is the interview scheduling and conducting processes. Not only does scheduling interviews take many back and forth conversations with candidates but it can also lead to feelings of frustration and anxiety for both your recruiters and candidates. This time spent scheduling interviews could be better used by your recruiters to perform more high-value tasks — such as reviewing and comparing resumes and interview responses and getting back to the most qualified candidates before they are hired by the competition. These best candidates are oftentimes off of the job market within 10 days and a traditional, synchronous interviewing strategy can add 6-8 days to your already lengthy interview process. This is where an on-demand phone interview can be incredibly helpful.

Whether you are simply unsure of how to schedule an interview over the phone or you are looking for a more efficient solution to interview scheduling (such as an email invitation for an on-demand interview), it is important to focus on finding a solution that will shorten your interview process — not lengthen it. Candidates do not want to wait days before knowing even when they can have their interview. This is why an interview solution platform, like Qualifi, that allows you to create on-demand phone interviews can be a great addition to your hiring process. With Qualifi’s platform, you do not need to worry about how to write an email to schedule an interview or waste hours of your time going back and forth with candidates and scheduling interviews. Instead, your recruiting team can focus their attention on comparing candidates and finding the best fit for your open positions.

Luckily, in today’s world, many things can be found easily online, so if you are unsure how to start a phone interview as the interviewer, you can likely find a phone interview conversation sample that you can use as inspiration for your own phone interview. Figuring out how to start an interview as the interviewer can be challenging — especially if you are conducting interviews in real-time. A solution like Qualifi can help address this issue by having you create a consistent interview script. This way you only need to figure out one way to start your interview and that same introduction can be used for all of your interviews.

Scheduling Interviews For Candidates Email

Inviting your candidates to their interviews is incredibly important and can be extremely time-consuming when done manually. Think about it this way, if you are writing each and every interview schedule email reply in real-time for each and every candidate, you are likely going to be spending hours of your day simply working out the interview schedules. Even if you are looking up online interview invitation email sample templates or consulting a “schedule phone interview email” sample for inspiration, the time it takes to manually schedule interviews could be much better used in a more productive way.

This is why many businesses can benefit from a platform, like Qualifi, that eliminates this need for manual interview scheduling completely. With Qualifi’s platform, you can invite candidates to your on-demand phone interview as soon as they apply for a position. Your interview invitation email or message can include important information — such as how to call for an interview — for the candidate so that you can ensure that all of your candidates are provided with the information they need to take your interview and be considered for the position. No more wasted time emailing or phoning back and forth trying to schedule interviews. Instead, that time can be used to review and compare interview responses and get back to candidates much faster which can help to dramatically speed up your time-to-hire.

We found that 43% of job candidates prefer to interview outside of typical business hours. Read the study here.

How To Schedule An Interview

Scheduling interviews for candidates can be an exhausting and time-consuming process for recruiters — especially if you are hiring a larger volume of candidates at once. Traditional interview scheduling etiquette would have recruiters make tons of back and forth email messages or phone calls with each candidate to find the best interviewing time for them. These messages would ask important questions — such as “what is your availability to interview (dates & times)?” as well as “could you please confirm the interview time?” to avoid miscommunication or no-show interview meetings.

Many recruiters may find themselves wondering how to reply to some of these emails and may need to use templates or samples — for example, a “how to reply to interview email confirming time schedule sample.” But, with a platform like Qualifi, you can avoid all of these “asking for interview schedule” questions and back-and-forth conversations with your candidates. Rather than spending their time focusing on how to write an email to schedule an interview with employer candidates, your recruiters can focus their time and attention on reviewing and comparing interview responses and moving forward with only the most qualified candidates.

Interview Scheduling Software

There are a number of automated interview scheduling software solutions on the market today, and as technology continues to advance the number of options available is only going to increase. Finding the best interview scheduling software can be a very challenging task because there are so many options available and what interview scheduling app may work well for one business may not necessarily suit your business. An interview scheduling software solution — like Qualifi interview scheduling — can help your business make hours of wasted time spent scheduling interviews for candidates a thing of the past.

AI interview scheduling software solutions can come in both free and premium versions and there is a solution out there for your business, no matter if you are looking for an interview scheduling software free solution or a more premium platform like Qualifi. In general, a free solution will not provide as many tools or features as a premium version will, but it can still be helpful if you are looking for a simple solution. When it comes to interview scheduling software, Microsoft and Apple solutions can be a bit specific and it can be difficult to ensure that the software solution you are implementing works for both technologies. However, a platform, like Qualifi, can be an excellent choice because it can offer you a space to do all of your interview creation, collaborating, and sharing all in one place.

On-Demand Interview

The interview scheduling process is oftentimes the slowest part of the hiring process and it can make candidates feel frustrated and anxious about the hiring process as a whole. In reality, the best way to schedule multiple interviews at one time is to use an asynchronous interview method. Using a platform like Qualifi can help your recruiting and hiring teams avoid having to deal with a complicated interview coordination process. Instead of taking time to converse with candidates back and forth and then schedule and conduct interviews in real-time, Qualifi’s platform allows you to simply pre-record your interview questions, craft the perfect interview script, send out interview invitations as soon as your candidates apply for a position, and then easily review your candidates’ responses in just minutes.

This can not only make the interview process more efficient and pleasant for your candidates and recruiters but it can also dramatically cut down on the time that it takes you to assess candidates and speed up your time-to-hire process and increase your screening efficiency by 80%. Rather than trying to use a candidate interview schedule template to reduce the amount of time you spend messaging candidates to schedule interviews, you can use Qualifi’s platform to completely eliminate the need for interview scheduling of any kind. Qualifi helps you to offer your candidates on-demand phone interviews that your candidates can take at any time without needing to consult your recruiting team. This means many candidates can interview at the exact same time and you can easily assess all of them at one time as well by listening to their interview responses back to back.

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