How to Find the Best Recruitment Tools

A guide to building the ideal interview toolkit for every team.

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How to Find the Best Recruitment Tools

Ever since the start of The Great Resignation, hiring managers and recruiters have found themselves hard-pressed to find better recruitment tools to compete in the new candidate-driven labor market. Not only do companies now need to convince talented candidates to fill these positions, but they also need to find and recruit these qualified candidates quickly.

Candidates now expect faster response times from their employers, and the recruitment process is their first impression of their potential employers. What does that mean for slower hiring times? You are losing talent before interviews even begin. This is true regardless of what recruitment platform you use.
This is because the post-pandemic employee has come to value positive workplace environments that provide better pay, and a quick time-to-hire process. The most qualified candidates only remain available for around 10 days before they commit to a position. This has created a “talent shortage” in some sectors.

Therefore, adding effective recruitment software into your hiring process is essential to attract the best talent and reduce time-to-hire. Whether you’re using external or internal recruitment methods, your hiring process stands to benefit from software that streamlines your workflow, assesses candidates, and automates much of the process.

So, we’re going to take a look at the recruitment methods available to hiring managers and what tools they can use to achieve better results from their hiring process.

External Recruitment Methods

When it comes to external recruitment methods, there are numerous options available to companies.

These methods include:

  • Company Websites
  • Employee Referrals
  • Job Boards

Each of these has pros and cons while sharing the same main challenges — reducing time-to-hire. It takes companies an average of 3-4 weeks to fill positions.

That’s why many companies have worked automation into their hiring process. Doing so empowers them to save time, increase productivity and reduce loss of talent. Qualifi is one such tool that makes the hiring process seven times faster, which helps recruiters save money and find quality candidates.

Internal Recruitment Process

The internal recruitment process comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it offers a cost-effective and efficient means of finding the right candidate for a position. However, this also means that an employee is leaving another position to fill the new one. What’s more, this limits the pool of candidates to immediate employees.

Regardless, the typical internal recruitment process flowchart leads potential candidates through a similar process to that of external methods. Which still requires multiple stages of interviews, which on average take two-thirds of the hiring process.  

Self-guided phone interviews can save save your team hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Want to see exactly how much? Use our ROI calculator to find out.

Best Recruiting Software

The challenges of external and internal recruitment methods require no small amount of work. Every stage of the hiring requires its own solution. As such, numerous recruitment tools and techniques are available to meet the needs of the modern hiring manager.

However, not all recruitment software is created equal. There are some that have risen to the top in what they do.

Here are just a few of the best recruitment tools available according to Forbes Advisor:

  • Workday Recruiting - Workday is an end-to-end ATS with a variety of applicant management features that allows recruiters to automate much of the workflow in an intuitive dashboard.  
  • LinkedIn - LinkedIn has 706 million members,  25 million of who apply for jobs every week. That alone makes it a powerful tool, but it includes pay-per-click solutions along with effective candidate filters.
  • Zip Recruiter - One of the most well-known recruiting tools out there, Zip Recruiter offers AI-driven tools to help find strong candidates across 100 job sites.

Although all these tools are effective solutions to finding candidates, they often fail to assist the interview process, which recruiters report to take two-thirds of overall hiring time. Qualifi works in tandem with all these tools to remedy bottlenecks, provide faster time-to-hire rates, and streamline the interview process.

Talent Acquisition Tools

The terms talent acquisition and recruitment are often used interchangeably. However, talent acquisition focuses on the quality of candidates over quantity. Similar to digital recruitment tools, talent acquisition tools are dedicated to finding, assessing, and onboarding new employees.

To no surprise, this means talent acquisition faces the same challenges as less specialized recruitment. That’s why 73% of companies in the United States use some form of talent acquisition software. These talent acquisition tools often include AI solutions to automate the process, quickly willow applicants down to the most qualified candidates, and remove human bias.

Such tools include applicant tracking systems, such as Workday, that help streamline the talent acquisition process by providing a system that manages the entire hiring process. This drastically reduces time-to-hire by funneling qualified candidates through the funnel faster. This is essential to prevent the loss of talent.

And as the interview process dominates hiring times, interview software has risen as an equally important tool for recruiting. Qualifi offers a solution that allows recruiters to invite candidates as soon as they apply to eliminate the time often spent on scheduling interviews. What’s more, it provides a way for candidates to answer interview questions on their own time, and in turn, allows recruiters to review them just as quickly.

Interview Tools

The interview stage of the hiring process is the biggest time sink. Shortening the hiring process requires interview tools capable of assisting both phone interviews; Qualifi is the ideal solution.

Recruiters report that it takes an average of thirty minutes to two hours to just schedule an interview time that works for both the candidate and recruiter. Qualifi’s on-demand interviews make it possible for recruiters to record interview questions that are automatically delivered to candidates. Candidates are then able to record their responses on their own time. Which empowers recruiters to listen to a series of interviews in a single sitting like a playlist.

This form of self-guided interview allows flexibility, which is important to the modern job seeker. We found that this flexibility brought in 75.5% more responses outside typical business hours. That alone proves the demand for flexible interview options.

As for recruiters, this solves the #1 challenge they face with interviews — finding a time that works for everyone. Asynchronous interviews circumvent this challenge entirely. This not only speeds up the hiring process, but creates more time for recruiters and hiring managers to focus on talent sourcing for the right candidates that best fit the position they’re trying to fill.

What’s more, Qualifi allows recruiters to screen 7 times more candidates per day while creating a space for real-time team collaboration.

Start for free today and get a first-hand look at how Qualifi can help you interview hundreds of candidates at a time.

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