On Demand Phone Interviews

How HR Can Improve Phone Interviews

The same-day hiring tool. Automated phone interview invitations can simplify your hiring process.

Hire 7x Faster

Stop spending your day on the phone and start identifying your most qualified candidates, quickly & easily.

Increase screening efficiency by 80%

Skip the interview scheduling phone tag.
Pre-record your screening questions.
Share the interview questions with all of your candidates at once.
Let candidates respond as soon it's convenient for them - 24/7.

Put diversity first

Level the playing field by mitigating screening bias from the beginning.
Eliminate unconscious bias by using phone interviews instead of video.
Make your interviews fair and equitable with built-in structure and consistency.
Increase accessibility and remove barriers by not requiring access to a computer and high-speed internet.

Phone Interview With HR

In today’s society, it is becoming more and more important to simplify and streamline the hiring process for not only businesses but for candidates. Because of this, many employees have been taking this time — especially with the continued lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic — to evaluate where they are in their jobs and what is important to them. This mass reevaluation led to a lot of questions about work-life balance and a lot of people considering job changes due to unhappiness with the work-life balance they currently have. This is referred to as the Great Resignation by many businesses, and it has made businesses of many different sizes and industries re-evaluate how they treat the people who work with them — both current and prospective.

One way that businesses can shift themselves to be more consumer- or candidate-focused is by opting for asynchronous phone interviews rather than a more traditional interview format — especially for the more generic screening interview questions. Oftentimes, screening interview questions and answers simply help a company to determine which candidates are qualified for the position that needs to be filled, so conducting a full in-person or even phone interview where both the candidate and the interviewer must be present is unnecessary. 

On-demand phone interviews can not only help to save your hiring and recruiting teams a lot of time and effort but also phone interview questions and answers can be easily recorded using Qualifi’s platform. Pre-recording your interview questions is the crucial first step to having an effective (and pleasant) phone interview for your candidates, and while the screening questions themselves are usually straightforward and simply about the candidate’s qualification, it can be hard to figure out what questions to ask at the end of a phone interview. After all, the aim is to make the interview process simpler and more streamlined, but still a pleasant experience where the candidate feels that they are able to provide you with all of the information you need to make the best decision you can about their application. Because of this, it can be a good idea to end an interview with a question or two asking for any additional information that they want to share with you.

Phone Screening Interview

As society continues to promote and prefer a more consumer-centric approach to doing business, both in hiring and marketing, consumers and prospective employees are beginning to understand that their needs and desires are important and businesses must cater to them if they want to stay competitive. This is where Qualifi’s on-demand phone screening platform can help. A phone screening, meaning an over-the-phone screening interview, can help not only save you time but also make the interview process easier and more efficient for your candidates as well.

An on-demand phone screening interview, for example with the Qualifi platform, can easily screen candidates without you needing to spend hours of your time screening each candidate manually and without your candidate needing to re-arrange their schedule to fit in the interview. Using Qualifi’s platform, invitations to the pre-recorded phone screening interview questions can be sent out to candidates as soon as they apply for the position so that they can take the interview at any time that works best for them — even if it is after hours. You can then listen to all of the responses at one time from the Qualifi platform like it is a playlist. This helps to not only better compare candidates to each other but also mitigate any unconscious bias about candidates because you can’t see them.

Many businesses have found that traditional interviewing methods — both in-person and online — can lead to high rates of recruiter burnout and can add 7 days to the hiring process. In contrast, on-demand phone screening interviews provide an easy one-way interview system where recruiters can focus their attention on listening to the candidates’ responses rather than asking them all the same questions over and over again. Because of this, many businesses are finding themselves wanting to adopt this method of interviewing their candidates. Since it is rising in popularity, there are many different phone screen interview tips and tricks online as well as phone screen questions template options that businesses can modify or use as inspiration for their own phone screening interviews. To find out more about the numerous phone interview questions and answers examples available online you can do a simple web search for the top 20 phone interview questions. Since screening interviews are often focused on a candidate’s qualifications, many of these examples will focus on questions that ask about a candidate’s relevant work history or education.

Phone Interview With Talent Acquisition

Phone interviews can be an incredible way to reduce the amount of stress and wasted time in a recruiter’s day by allowing them to record their questions and offer candidates asynchronous one-way interviews. This allows both candidates and interviewers to no longer need to waste time scheduling interviews. To help your candidates understand how to prepare for a phone interview with recruiter pre-recorded questions, you can create an interview prep call with recruiter instructions for how to take the interview itself. This will ensure that your candidates are able to successfully take the interview and avoid not being considered for the position because their microphone wasn’t recording. An asynchronous phone interview with recruiter questions is a great way to reduce the amount of time your recruiter spends manually interviewing each candidate.

If you are unsure which questions to include in your phone interview, you can do a web search for the top 20 phone interview questions or even find a phone interview conversation sample to use as inspiration for your own interview questions. It can also be a good idea to test out your questions and introductory call with the hiring manager so that you can ensure that the questions are appropriate for the position you are recruiting for and that you and the hiring team are on the same page.

How To Start A Phone Interview As The Interviewer

While the on-demand telephone interview method of interviewing and screening candidates has been gaining popularity over the past few years, it can still be quite intimidating if you don’t know where to begin. A lot of businesses might have questions about what are the right questions to ask during a phone interview as an employer or how to start the interview as an interviewer. These questions can oftentimes be answered simply by workshopping some telephonic interview questions and answers as well as brief introductions with your hiring team to make sure that the interview seems smooth and not too robotic but still efficient

However, sometimes some inspiration can be extremely helpful as well. To find inspiration you can do a web search for how to start a phone interview as the interviewer example and there will likely be a number of options available for you to use as ideas for beginning your own interview. One common solution to the question of how to start an interview as the interviewer example could be simply thanking the candidate for applying to the position and asking their name. This can help you attach a name to the interview more easily as well when you are later listening to the recorded responses from a platform like Qualifi.

Telephone Interview Tips

So, whether you’re looking to try out asynchronous phone interviews for the first time or you’re simply looking for a more effective and streamlined way to conduct them, there are a number of phone interview tips and tricks that can help you create your very own phone interview cheat sheet. For example, if you are wanting to revamp your interview questions, or add new questions that are more position-relevant, you may want to consider looking at a top 10 interview questions and answers PDF or searching online for the top 20 phone interview questions that are specific to your industry.

This can help you gain inspiration to make sure that your interviews are both effective and pleasant for your candidates. Another way to improve your phone interview system is to use a dedicated platform, like Qualifi. Qualifi helps your business to not only better use both your and your candidates’ time but also improve passive recruiting, and internal alignment, as well as offer a more flexible and self-guided interview process for your candidates.

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