Keeping the Human Touch in Automated Phone Interviews

January 25, 2022
Devyn Mikell
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Incorporating automation into the interview process is becoming increasingly common for recruiters across a variety of industries. However, some recruiting teams worry that automated phone interviews will remove the human connection from the hiring process. The last thing recruiters want is for candidates to feel like their company is impersonal or cold. 

While committing to the use of a new system often brings about concerns, recruiters who use on-demand interviews can still keep the voice, tone, and human touch in their hiring protocols. Furthermore, automated interview tools can introduce an array of additional benefits that improve company efficiency, save recruitment teams time, and keep a consistent hiring experience across the organization.

What is an Automated Phone Interview? 

An automated phone interview, also called an on-demand interview, is an interview method where candidates answer a list of questions presented through a voice message, then record their answers during this type of interview, recruiters pre-record a list of questions and the candidate’s answers are kept in a log for future review.

Companies that use automated interviews can reach a larger pool of potential candidates. This eliminates the traditional, time-wasting components of in-person interviews and phone screenings

Automated interviewing software can shorten the time-to-hire process by a full week. Automated software can also free up company time that would otherwise have recruiters sending out invitations, scheduling interviews, conducting meetings with candidates, and narrowing down the hiring pool.

In addition, automating the interview process allows recruiters to listen to recordings and read transcribed information collected from the interview for quick review.

How Does an Automated Phone Interview Fit into Your Hiring Cycle? 

Automating phone interviews can shorten your hiring cycle by a week. Going back and forth to schedule then conduct an initial phone interview takes up valuable time that your recruiters could be spending elsewhere. By sending a pre-recorded phone interview to your candidates and allowing them to answer on their own time, you can instantly change your recruiting process. 

According to the Recruiting Funnel Benchmark Report produced by Jobvite in 2017, the average time a company spent in their hiring cycle was 39 days as of 2016 statistics. On top of this already lengthy process, Glassdoor noted that phone interviews tack 6-8 days onto the recruitment process. This step takes longer than background checks, pre-employment testing, and in-person interviews.

An automated interviewing process allows most candidates to respond and complete their initial interview in a single day, which shortens hiring times by an entire week. 

In addition to shortening the hiring process, on-demand interviews allow every candidate to interact with the recruitment team in the same way. A consistent, friendly voice encourages openness from candidates.

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