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The same-day hiring tool. Remove the back and forth of interview scheduling, help your team meet hiring goals, and create a better candidate experience.

Build A Talent Engine

Use the same tool to send out phone interview screening invitations, gather responses, review with your hiring managers, and make the easiest hires of your life.

Meet your hiring goals

Get ahead of the curve by removing the biggest bottleneck in your process.
Speed up your time-to-hire
Create more time for talent sourcing
Identify the right candidates quickly

Increase screening efficiency by 80%

Skip the interview scheduling phone tag.
Pre-record your screening questions.
Share the interview questions with all of your candidates at once.
Let candidates respond as soon it's convenient for them - 24/7.

Put diversity first

Level the playing field by mitigating screening bias from the beginning.
Eliminate unconscious bias by using phone interviews instead of video.
Make your interviews fair and equitable with built-in structure and consistency.
Increase accessibility and remove barriers by not requiring access to a computer and high-speed internet.

Interview Scheduler

Many aspects of the interview process have changed over the years, but one of the most time-consuming aspects that remains for many recruiting teams is the interview scheduling process. Interview scheduling seems trivial at first, but in reality, it is incredibly time-consuming and confusing when your recruitment team has to keep in contact with all of your candidates at one time. Not only does your recruiting team have to know and understand their own schedules as they continually shift and change but they also have to be aware of and understand the schedules and calendars of the candidates.

Think about it, if there are thirty candidates who you are interviewing for a position, your recruiters need to keep track of thirty calendars as well as their own calendars in order to properly schedule the interviews. This is a ton of information to keep track of and recruiters spend hours of their time scheduling and rescheduling interview appointments with candidates. This time could be much better spent by focusing on reviewing and comparing candidates. So, how can you get your recruiting team to effectively schedule all of the interviews that they need to without forcing them to spend hours of their valuable time going back and forth with candidates and scheduling interviews?

One of the most effective ways to do this is to use an interview scheduling, or other interviewing, software solution. There are a number of different interview scheduling software solutions on the market today and because of this, it can be challenging to know which solution might be the best fit for your business right off the bat. Finding the best interview scheduling software for your business can seem like an intimidating task, but if you know what sort of features and tools you are looking for you will be able to find it.

Applicant Tracking System

One very important part of an interviewing or recruitment software solution is a more effective and efficient applicant tracking system (ATS). This is especially important for instances when your recruiting team is trying to meet any high-volume hiring goals that your business may have, but even in normal recruiting instances, utilizing a software solution that helps you to more effectively track and manage your candidates and their applications can be incredibly helpful.

There are tons of different recruiting software solutions available on the market today — from simple interview scheduling tools like Calendly to interview software that integrates with ATS practices to help you more effectively track your candidates through your hiring process. More robust software solutions, such as iCIMS or Workday can be used as well to help manage the recruiting process and more easily understand where candidates are in your hiring process.

One solution that combines both the benefits of an interview scheduling software and works alongside your applicant tracking system software is Qualifi. Now, while Qualifi does not necessarily provide interview scheduling software in the same way that a solution like Calendly does, it does provide — in many ways — a better solution that helps you to eliminate the need for interview scheduling. Qualifi does this by offering asynchronous or on-demand phone interviews rather than traditional ones. This means that rather than needing to take the hours of each day to schedule, reschedule, and conduct interviews with candidates, your recruiting team can simply create a standardized interview script, pre-record it, and then send it out to all candidates as soon as they apply for a position. This way, your candidates can take the interview whenever it best suits their schedules and you do not need to worry about coming to an arranged interview time. This allows candidates to feel more in control and comfortable with the interview process and shows them that you respect their time and their schedules right off the bat — which can be a good sign of what it would be like to work with your business.

Interview Scheduler Tool

As technology continues to advance and more and more businesses are able to adopt software solutions that can help to improve the efficiency of their interviewing processes, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to find these software solutions or they risk falling behind their competitors. The best talent is often the first to get taken off of the job market and if you want that talent to come your way rather than going to your competitions, then you can’t spend an entire week simply scheduling an interview. This is exactly where interview scheduling tools or other interview process software solutions can come into play.

Now, if you are simply looking for an interview scheduling tool that helps you to more effectively and quickly schedule your real-time interviews, you may want to look up an online interview scheduler solution. However, if you are looking to automate interview scheduling in a more efficient way, you may actually want to opt for a solution, like Qualifi, that allows you to provide automated interviews rather than real-time interviews. One of the main benefits of automated interview scheduling software is that it allows your candidates to take your interview whenever and wherever it suits them. These automated interviews are also often referred to as one-way interviews or on-demand interviews because they are pre-recorded and the candidate can take them at any time — even after business hours.

AI Interview Scheduling

Using an artificial intelligence (AI) interview scheduling tool can be incredibly helpful in reducing your time-to-hire. This is because a computer is going to have a much easier time handling numerous schedules and determining the best times for interviews than a human would. However, if you are truly looking to find the best way to improve your hiring process and speed up your time-to-hire when you need to schedule multiple interviews, you may want to consider opting for an asynchronous interview scheduling solution, like Qualifi.

Asynchronous interviewing can often be seen as the best way to schedule multiple interviews because it does not require both a candidate and an interviewer to be present for each interview. You simply need to draft and record an interview script and then send an invitation to that script to your candidates. They are then free to take that interview whenever suits them best — even if it is on the weekend or after normal business hours. These asynchronous interviews completely eliminate the hours wasted on scheduling and rescheduling interviews and allow your recruiting team to focus on reviewing candidates instead and most candidates respond to the interview within hours of receiving it. This means a much faster and more efficient interviewing process for your business and a much more pleasant experience for your candidates.

Scheduling Interviews For Candidates

Utilizing manual processes for scheduling interviews has worked in the past, but as the market continues to get increasingly competitive, it is becoming less and less viable for businesses to waste their time scheduling interviews in this manner. Today, there are so many different ways that businesses can more quickly and effectively schedule interviews, and relying on traditional manual processes is simply not going to be as effective as modern techniques that utilize scheduling software or tools will be.

For this reason, many businesses find themselves in the market for interview scheduling software or other recruitment software solutions today. Now, there are many different options available for these types of solutions and it may seem intimidating to know which one may be the most effective for your business. Luckily, though, it can be very effective to look for examples online for scheduling interviews for candidates template options or examples that you can use to determine what sorts of features and tools you may be looking for in a software solution. One solution that can be very helpful for businesses looking to speed up their time-to-hire is Qualifi’s on-demand phone interview platform. This platform helps you to pre-record and craft a consistent interview script that you can then send an invitation to with a simple and standardized scheduling-interviews-for-candidates email template.