How Recruiters Can Impact Employee Engagement

August 27, 2022
Leila Spann
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A lot of companies will simply view recruitment as a means to acquire new employees and funnel candidates through the hiring process. However, since recruiters are the first people that candidates see when they are considering working for your company, recruiters are the first impression of your brand.

To a candidate, a recruiter is going to be their best view into what it’s like to work at your company. Because of this, if you want to make a good first impression on your candidates.  Allow your recruiters to lean into this role. Your recruiters have an opportunity to inspire employee engagement and improve retention right off the bat. Below are four steps that a recruiter can take to help improve employee engagement from day one.

1. Be Open

Honesty is a trait that we as humans seek out in all of our relationships — including our professional ones. So, rather than promising your candidates things that you cannot give them, be upfront and open about your hiring timelines, the position requirements, company information, and what you are looking for in a good candidate.

Improve your candidate communication by building trust and allowing your candidates to truly understand your brand voice and company culture even during the interviewing process. Ask your employees what they need from you and make efforts to address those requests. One way to do this effectively is to use engagement surveys and record your employees’ requests as well as how your team has responded to them. For example, if you see that learning and development programs are what increase employee engagement, share information about what programs you have implemented with your candidates. This gives the candidate an idea of what it will be like working with your business and helps both you and the candidate to know how well you may work together.

2. Be Empowering

We are all social creatures, and we like sharing our good news with our friends and family. Social media makes sharing news incredibly easy, and it can be an excellent way for your business to get additional exposure as well. But how can you unlock this extra advertising opportunity?

Simple. Make it easy for your candidates to share their good news. Empower your employees to share their successes and help boost your company’s image at the same time. You want your new hires to be excited to share about their great candidate experience with their social media crowds.

According to statistics from LinkedIn, the number one obstacle most candidates face in looking for a new job is that they do not know what working there would be like. Because of this, candidates will trust an employee’s recommendation or commentary about a company three times more than they will trust the employer itself. So, if your new hires are sharing about how great your company is and how pleasant the hiring process was, you’re likely to get more engaged candidates coming in and wanting to work with you too.

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3. Be Human

We have talked about being human in these past two points because it is incredibly important, especially in the modern era of automation and advanced technology, to remember to keep the human touch in recruiting. This is not to say that automation in recruiting is bad, in fact, this technological advancement can be crucial to achieving a quick and effective hiring process that does not lead to recruiter burnout.

Using recruitment automation correctly can not only keep candidates more engaged because they are not waiting weeks before hearing back but it also helps you to save time and money while helping you to focus on your best talent from the beginning. As the job market continues to get more crowded, a short and sweet hiring process is critical to ensuring that you don’t lose your best candidates.

4. Be Connected

When you stay connected with your candidates throughout the entire hiring process, they will feel much more engaged and prepared to become engaged employees. One way to maintain this connection is to use an on-demand interview system, like Qualifi, that can show you exactly where in the hiring process the candidate is.

In addition, to easily tracking candidates, Qualifi’s platform also helps to foster a better connection between recruiters and hiring managers so that candidates can experience a quick and efficient hiring process and become enthusiastic new members of your team.

To find out more about how Qualifi’s platform can help your company, check out how gener8tor used Qualifi to create a better candidate experience!

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