Candidates Ghosting You? Here Are 4 Ways To Stay in Communication

June 18, 2022
Leila Spann
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Candidates have learned that they do actually have quite a bit of say in the job market, it has become more common for them to simply ignore, or ghost, recruiter teams who are not giving them a good experience in the hiring process.

So, to avoid losing candidates, try implementing these 4 tips into your hiring process.

1. Re-engage Lost Candidates

The first practice that you should implement is re-engaging candidates who have become unresponsive during your hiring process as well as coming back to candidates who you may have passed up in a previous role but may be a good fit for a new position that is opening up. According to Forbes, over 75% of businesses report that they have been ghosted in the past year, and almost 60% say that ghosting has become more popular than ever before. Today, it is crucial for businesses to find ways to re-engage these candidates or they risk losing them outright.

Five Star Call Center was able to re-engage with 50% of their lost candidates by using Qualifi’s quicker and more engaging on-demand interview platform. This allowed Five Star to automate their first interview while still maintaining their brand voice and offering candidates the quick, personalized, interview process that Five Star needed.

2. Get Ahead of the No-Shows

When it comes to high-volume recruiting, no-shows and ghosting are very common. Even in situations where you are not recruiting many candidates at once, it is more common today than it has been in the past for candidates to ghost recruiters. According to SHRM, many recruiters have experienced costly losses due to ghosting during the beginning of the pandemic.

The best way to prevent these no-shows is by eliminating the need for in-person or real-time interviews entirely. With Qualifi’s platform, you can immediately invite candidates to take an asynchronous interview as soon as they apply for a position. This allows candidates to take an interview right away and avoid all of the wait time that is part of a normal interview process — which can reduce the chance of candidates getting bored or disinterested in your open positions.

Use these 4 methods to shorten the gap between an application and a great hire.

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3. Keep Candidates Engaged

Holding the interest of your candidates throughout the entire hiring process is key to avoiding the costly no-shows and ghosting that are so common today. Truthfully, one of the most important things that you can do to keep your candidates engaged is to have good, clear, and open communication with them. Good recruiter-candidate communication needs honesty, transparency, and a clear brand voice.

4. Use Tools to Prevent Ghosting

As we mentioned earlier, tools like Qualifi can help you to keep your candidates more engaged and process them through the hiring process more quickly so that one of your competitors doesn’t steal your most valuable candidates right out from under you.

Qualifi’s platform allows you to send an on-demand interview to candidates as soon as they submit an application. You can also use the platform to:

  • Track candidate progress
  • Share interview responses and notes with hiring managers
  • Eliminate interview scheduling
  • Cut down on no-show interviews
  • Easily resurface past applicants

If you are ready to advance your recruiting efforts, start by checking out our on-demand webinar.

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