How To Improve Your Relationship With Hiring Managers

May 7, 2022
Devyn Mikell
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HR tools that enable virtual hiring are popular for businesses of every industry and size. Now, businesses are reaping the benefits of virtual hiring and are looking to maintain this efficiency throughout the entire team.

You can ensure your hiring process is smooth and effective by improving the relationship between recruiter and hiring manager. Without a good relationship between recruiters and hiring managers, the candidate experience as a whole is likely to be confusing and unwelcoming. A miscommunicated interview experience could result in the candidate choosing another opportunity.

So, to better your overall hiring process (for both the business and candidates), here are some tips to help you improve your recruiter-hiring manager relationship.

Improve the Intake Meeting

An intake meeting is a crucial step in developing a good recruiter and hiring manager relationship. This meeting is often the first opportunity for you to show your hiring manager that you are willing to (and want to) work with them. This is why it is incredibly important to have a successful intake meeting.

To set a good tone for your ongoing relationship with your hiring manager, you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared and ready to gather feedback from the hiring manager throughout the meeting. Take the time during this meeting to establish mutual timelines for your candidate lifecycle and set quarterly goals together.

Whether you are having this meeting in-person or remotely, make sure that you are listening to and working with your hiring manager to set goals, communicate expectations and timelines, and brainstorm ways to improve your recruitment ROI. Discuss in detail what the roles and responsibilities of each position entail, and make sure you ask the hiring managers to offer feedback on any job profiles you have. This will not only help to give you a better understanding of what they are looking for in the position but demonstrate to them that you are wanting to fulfill their goals as much as your own.

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After The Intake Meeting, Follow These 4 Tips To Ensure Total Upfront Alignment

Once you’ve improved your intake meeting, it is time to focus on ways that you can improve your ongoing relationship with your hiring managers.

Here, we will focus on four areas that you can improve to make sure that recruiters and hiring managers are on the same page throughout the entire hiring process.

1. Define performance goals

The first area to focus on are the hiring performance goals. Take the time to establish what your goals are for each open role. For example, if you are using a self-paced interview approach (like an automated phone interview) you will want to determine what a successful candidate response will look like. You will also want to decide how many people you want to hire for each role.

Work together with your hiring manager to set hiring goals and timelines. With whatever goals you set, make sure you and your hiring manager work together. Find out how your individual goals rely on and impact each other’s goals to stay on the same page throughout the hiring process.

2. Identify KPIs

The next area of focus should be establishing your KPIs. KPIs, or key performance indicators, are an incredibly useful measure in determining how well you are meeting your goals. Think about what specific tasks the hire will need to achieve to be in line with the goals that you and your hiring manager established above.

Make sure that both you and your manager agree on the KPIs as well as timelines so that you are on the same page when it comes to reviewing your goals.

3. Think past this hire

Focus on what skills and qualities would help a new hire be successful once they are employed as well as what kind of review process you could both bring into the onboarding process.

Taking the time to consider these post-hire concepts can help you both to remain on the same page as the hire transitions from a great candidate experience into a great employee experience.

4. Discuss the next steps

The final point you want to keep in mind is planning for the future. Make sure that you organize plans for follow-up meetings and check-ins. Also, establish how often you want to meet to report on your KPIs and review your hiring process together and make adjustments.

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