Recruiting For a Small Business

October 30, 2022
Leila Spann
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Recruiting for small businesses can be a challenge. They need the best talent they can get, preferably employees wearing multiple hats to cover diverse needs. However, small businesses are competing with the big businesses that hire and maintain large recruiting teams. That’s why recruiting for a small business needs a different strategy than large enterprises.

So, we will look at how recruiters should approach recruiting for small businesses.

🗺 Build a Recruitment Map

A major part of achieving any hiring goal is knowing how to get there. Consider what your hiring needs are and what hiring strategy you can use going forward to achieve them. From there, you can construct a hiring process to match your needs.

To achieve this, it’s important to know who your ideal candidate is. Who are they, and what is important to them? Create a list of qualities you’re looking for in this person and how they align with your current needs. From here, we can build a hiring process based on this ideal candidate.

Then outline your hiring cycle. Know how long it takes from posting a position to making a hire and every step in between. Tailor this experience to be as efficient and effective as possible. Your recruiting roadmap should keep your ideal candidate, hiring goals, and ultimate hiring goals in mind.

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🥳 Build Your Employer Brand

Branding is essential to small businesses. You’re looking for candidates who prefer small teams. Your branding should reflect that. Show candidates what makes working at a small business worth it. Focus on interpersonal connection, agility, and how you respect employee time.

Qualifi can help improve all three of following:

  • Interpersonal connections - Those looking for a small business likely value the interpersonal connections that come with working in a small team. Qualifi allows recruiters to personalize their interviews to keep the human touch without sacrificing the benefits of automated hiring.

  • Nimble and responsive - Small businesses can be more nimble and responsive in their recruiting than larger businesses. According to Career Plug, 84% of job seekers say that employer responsiveness after applying influenced their decision to accept an offer. Qualifi’s on-demand interviews allow you to reach out to candidates as soon as they reply.

  • Respectful employee time - For both large and small businesses, candidates value an employer that will respect their time. With on-demand interviews, you show applicants that you respect their time by allowing them to decide the best time and place for their interview.

These are the areas where small businesses can best outshine their larger counterparts, and Qualifi can help.

☎️ Use Products Built for Small Business Hiring

One of the best ways for recruiters to hire small businesses is to use the right tools. Qualifi works alongside ATSs, but can also stand alone. Which is vital for a small business hiring tool.

Qualifi allows small teams to cut an entire week off of the hiring process. And best of all, Qualifi is easy to get started, so you can make offers faster. Read more about what Qualifi did for KHR Solutions’ small team of recruiters.

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