How KHR Solutions Cut Down Applicant Screening Time by 83%

Using Qualifi, KHR Solutions was able to multiply the number of candidates they advanced through their hiring process.
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Key Results

Dropped their interview time from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

Can now easily screen 20+ candidates per day.

Were able to weed out unqualified candidates with no time wasted.

“It was just back-to-back-to-back-to-back phone calls. And I felt like I was behind on my other priorities. So to now have Qualifi as a system I'm able to really focus. I can switch gears and feel like I'm actually feeling more productive throughout my days.”
Natasha Morelli
Human Resource Support Leader

The recruitment team at KHR Solution has an ever-growing list of demands. The small five-person team oversees an outsourced HR group — with clients spanning from Florida to Colorado. Because of their large client list, they were seeing an influx of applications that they were unable to get through quickly. They needed a way to screen more candidates than they had time to manually call.


Before Qualifi, KHR Solutions had a process setup to manually schedule time with candidates, call them for a 10-30 minute interview, and move them to the next step. They were experiencing the common issues with this approach – no shows, wasted time with completely unqualified candidates, and a lack of time to do other important tasks. After putting Qualifi in place, they noticed a big shift.


With Qualifi, KHR Solutions is easily tripling their previous output. They're able to zero in on the candidates who are truly hirable, and most importantly they've built new ways to work with hiring managers at their client companies.

The Challenge 

The small team of recruiters at KHR previously relied on traditional phone interviews — the standard pick-up-the-phone-and-call each candidate for an interview method of recruiting — to screen their candidates. The team found that they needed to interview between 12 and 20 people every day in order to keep up with their hiring demands. The manual phone screenings weren’t cutting it. 

With each call, recruiters were spending between 10 and 30 minutes on the phone, if they could even get in touch with an applicant. “It would just take up so much time,” says Natasha Morelli with KHR Solutions. “[Qualifi] has been a game-changer for sure.”

“It was just back to back to back to back phone calls. And I felt like I was behind on my other priorities. So to now have Qualifi as a system I'm able to really focus. I can switch gears and feel like I'm actually feeling more productive throughout my days.”

– Natasha Morelli, Onboarding and Staffing Manager, KHR Solutions

The Process 

When the KHR team started using Qualifi, the time they spent calling and interviewing each candidate suddenly became free. They were able to dedicate more of their days to finding responsive candidates, focusing on candidate sourcing, and making sure applicants are a good fit for the job. 

"[Qualifi] gives us an opportunity to really focus on other tasks and requests that we get at the volume that we do. So then we're able to balance out the recruiting and the onboarding and whatever other requests may be there.”

—  Natasha Morelli, Onboarding and Staffing Manager, KHR Solutions

Qualifi helped KHR change their screening process and track the applicants more efficiently. Natasha notes that a favorite feature in Qualifi is being able to see when an applicant opens and completes their interview. It also helps the KHR team have better insight into where a candidate is in the hiring cycle. 

“In this market, you have people who are very unresponsive and that's my cross-reference,” says Natasha. “So if you're not responding on Indeed, then I'll go to the Qualifi, I'll see what's going on. And then I'll just know, I won't even have to waste any more time. I'll just send either a rejection or I'll just leave it be and see if they come around. But that just tells me exactly who you are as a candidate and how you're going to show up in the workplace.”

The Result 

Qualifi became a way for the KHR team to not only speed up the interview process, but it allowed them to have a clear insight into the entire candidate pipeline. 

“We're able to really weed out unqualified candidates.” —  Natasha Morelli, Onboarding and Staffing Manager, KHR Solutions

Natasha went on to explain how if a candidate isn’t right for one role they might be a good fit for another. In this case, Natasha sends the recorded interview in Qualifi right to the next hiring manager with her notes already attached.  

“[Qualifi is] almost like a one-stop-shop,” says Natasha. “I don't have to worry about emailing over the resume and then sending over the Qualifi. Now I can include the resume and the cover letter in one PDF, and a Qualifi at the same time. So it is a game-changer for us.”

When KHR Solutions put Qualifi in place, they started seeing: 

  • Extra time to source the right candidates 
  • An interview system that worked with outsourced staffing needs 
  • An easier way to communicate with hiring managers 
  • A responsive Qualifi representative to help whenever they need it

Qualifi Tip 

Fast interviews bring HR teams to Qualifi, but it’s our team that keeps them around. One of the consistent pieces of customer feedback that we hear at Qualifi is how our team is so responsive when our customers need us.  

“We work in customer service as well and when we're dishing it out constantly, to replenish that energy and to have a company, a partnership that can give that back,” says Natasha. “It's game on.”

Re-engaged 50% of Lost Candidates