3 Secret Tips to Being an Amazing Recruitment Team of One

October 30, 2022
Devyn Mikell
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The labor market is more competitive than ever. Teams work together to stay ahead of their competitors and snatch up the best talent available. And when you consider the big companies that can afford to hire large teams of recruiters, it’s easy to see why a small HR team faces unique challanges.

It’s estimated that 56% of companies have a person on their recruiting team who is dedicated to scheduling interviews. Small teams aren’t able to do that. Each member is needed for the entire process. This small-scale limits the number of candidates the team can screen.

There’s only so much a small team can do using the standard methods. That’s why recruiters on small HR teams must stay on their toes, use the right tools, and cut out the time-consuming tasks so they can focus on the most important parts of the hiring process. With the proper methods, small teams can hire just as efficiently as big companies.

#1 Focus on Agility

Small hiring teams must have the fastest time-to-hire that they can manage. According to Career Plug, 84% of job seekers say that responsiveness from recruiters directly influences their decision to accept an offer. So, the sooner a recruiter can reach a candidate after applying the better.

Small teams can still bring in great talent not despite that they’re a small team, but because they are a small team. Staying quick and nimble with your hiring process allows you to offer talent a contract before your competitor is even through the interview phase.

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#2 Use Tools That Work With and Without an ATS

Small teams of recruiters need to utilize the best tools available to them. Whichever tools small HR teams choose, they have to work alongside their ATS or able to function on their own. These applications can either function like a plug-in or standalone. Small recruitment teams often do not have the budget for an ATS. That is why their tools need to offer the features of an ATS without the cost of one.

Even when small teams can afford a dedicated ATS, they need tools that easily work with it. That is why small teams need tools like Qualifi which bring ATS functionality and integrate with 30+ dedicated ATS platforms.

#3 Cut Out the Time-Consuming Tasks

To improve the ever-vital time-to-hire, small teams have to cut the most time-consuming tasks out of the interview process. An effective method to do this is to utilize software that automates these tasks and frees recruiters to focus on the most important work.

For example, the traditional phone interview takes recruiters 30 minutes to 2 hours to schedule a single interview per candidate. Even then, when the interview is scheduled, this method takes recruiters up to 30 minutes or more to screen a single candidate.

Qualifi’s on-demand interview platform allows small recruiting teams to automate the entire phone interview process without compromising their control over it. This eliminates the time-sucking repetition of scheduling interviews, and lets recruiters focus on screening candidates. Qualifi uses self-guided interviews to allow recruiters to interview hundreds of candidates at the press of a button and cut screening time down to 5 minutes.

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