How to Find the Right Hiring Tools During Economic Turmoil

August 27, 2022
Leila Spann
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Over the past few years, the job market has fluctuated dramatically. And because of this, many recruiters and talent acquisition teams have found themselves in dire need of tools that can help them easily connect with the talent that they need to fill their open positions.

Here, we will dive into some of the reasons for this intensifying need for more advanced recruitment tools as well as what tools to consider implementing in your recruiting process.

Job Market Swings

While we are no longer in the Great Resignation, we are still experiencing the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the job market. Many sectors are still recovering from the pandemic but, Elise Gould, Economic Policy Institute (EPI) senior economist, notes that with the increase of 390,000 jobs of payroll employees we are experiencing a healthy recovery from the pandemic-led recession.

Gould also notes in the EPI May 2022 report that if we continue along the same level of job growth as we have been recently, the labor market should be on track to return to its pre-pandemic conditions within the year.

Recruiter’s Needs

What a recruiter needs is likely going to depend on what industry they are recruiting for. Some industries may be focused on high-volume hiring strategies year-round while others may have more spread out hiring practices that differ throughout the year based on the availability of their workers.

However, even for the industries that usually have a more straightforward hiring process, the recent fluctuation in the job market has led to an increased burden on their recruiter's shoulders. This burden comes in the form of high-volume hiring needs, dramatically shortening the time-to-hire in order to not lose out on the best candidates, and even having to deal with large-scale staffing changes within the company.

So, even if recruiters in your industry may have different needs than recruiters of another industry when it comes to dealing with the challenges that talent acquisition is facing today, everyone can benefit from tools and solutions that help connect businesses with the talent they need to keep moving forward.

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Finding the Right Tools

So, what are these hiring “tools” we’re talking about that can help you keep up with the constantly changing demands of recruitment efforts today?

Well, there are three main types of hiring tools that you’ll want to look for that can help you meet your goals without having to burn the candle at both ends every day of the week. The tools you’ll want to start adding to your recruiting repertoire are automated tools, on-demand interview tools, and tools that promote better internal alignment.

We’ll give a brief overview of each of these types of tools here.

1. Automated Tools

Opting for automation in recruitment is an incredibly effective way to speed up and improve your hiring process without needing to hire more recruiters.

These tools can help your recruiters:

  • Track candidate effectively
  • Review more candidates
  • Reduce your time-to-hire
  • Mitigate biases

2. On-Demand Interviews

On-demand or asynchronous interviews are just like automation but are directly felt by your candidates and offer the flexibility and individuality that no synchronous interview can.

On-demand interviews can give your hiring process:

  • More flexibility
  • Better use of time (for both candidates and recruiters)
  • More structure
  • Improved internal alignment
  • Better candidate experiences

3. Alignment Tools

Internal alignment is often overlooked by talent acquisition teams but how can you expect to achieve an efficient hiring process if your recruiters and hiring managers aren’t on the same page?

Look for tools that help:

  • Create better internal alignment
  • Access a larger candidates pool
  • Achieve a quicker time-to-hire

Now, finding three separate tools that all work together can be challenging (and costly!) so, why not opt for a platform that gives you all three of these tools in one? Qualifi incorporates all of these benefits in its on-demand phone interview platform so that you don’t have to worry about finding individual recruitment tools that satisfy the different needs of your hiring team.

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