How Does Qualifi Compare to Other Candidate Communications Tools?

January 6, 2023
Leila Spann
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Filling an open position with the right candidate is easier said than done. The more time you spend browsing through applications and conducting slow-paced interviews, the longer your company goes with an unfilled role.

Saving time and choosing the best person for the position is crucial, and if you want time and efficiency on your side, your applicant review tech stack is crucial. Recruiters have a few types of tools that can help them streamline communication with candidates and review applicants faster.

  • Chatbots
  • SMS recruiting
  • One-way video interviewing
  • One-way phone interviewing

We created a rundown to help recruiters see how Qualifi’s one-way phone interview platform stacks up compared to other candidate communication tools.

Hiring Chatbots

A hiring chatbot is an automated recruiting tool used to provide and collect simple pieces of information, such as the answers to commonly asked questions, steps in the application process, and the skills required for a role.

Qualifi’s one-way phone interview platform can serve each of these functions, schedule interviews, and filter applications. Based on the information submitted in an application, Qualifi can also help recruiters fast-track a previous applicant in the future as more positions open.

Text Recruiting

Text, or SMS, recruiting is another automated tool recruiters use to inform candidates about the steps they need to follow when applying for an open position. This messaging tactic sends texts inviting candidates to apply, complete pre-screening documents, and schedule interviews.

Qualifi is a robust recruitment tool that can send scheduled messages to keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process.

One-Way Video Interviewing

Both Qualifi and one-way video interviewing are forms of asynchronous interviewing, but that does not mean they’re created equal. Both have pros and cons, but Qualifi’s one-way phone interviews effectively outperform video interviews at almost every point.

For one, a phone interview option presents opportunities to every candidate that catches the recruiter’s interest, rather than limiting hiring options to candidates who have consistent access to high-speed internet and a high-quality camera. Additionally, phone interviews tend to mitigate unconscious recruiter bias and allow candidates to relax and effectively promote themselves as a good fit for the role.

Finally, phone interviews can streamline the process of hiring a candidate by allowing recruiters to schedule numerous fast-paced phone interviews in a single day. Because the average time-to-hire in the US is between 36 and 42 days, the time spent combing through one-way video interviews can become costly. According to Zippia, this hiring timeline can end up costing employers approximately $98 per day that a position is unfilled.

Video Interviews

❌ Mitigate Bias

❌ Accessibility

☑️ Human Connection

☑️ Consistency

❌ Fast Reviews

❌ High-Volume Hiring

Phone Interviews

☑️ Mitigate Bias

☑️ Accessibility

☑️ Human Connection

☑️ Consistency

☑️ Fast Reviews

☑️ High-Volume Hiring

The Omnichannel Recruitment Strategy

On top of simplifying the interview process for both candidate and recruiter, one-way phone interviewing through Qualifi integrates well with various recruitment software. It can enhance your strategy and implements your existing tools (like ATS and background checks) to make filling positions faster and more efficient.

Forbes even notes that phone interviews provide recruiters with a quick, well-rounded interaction with candidates in a way that doesn’t consume precious time. There’s a reason this method of applicant screening is still commonplace today. It’s effective.

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