Seasonal Hiring Guide for Recruiters

December 6, 2022
Leila Spann
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Every year, thousands of positions open across industries for seasonal employees. However, the hiring market is a constantly changing landscape. Today’s employers are finding it harder and harder to fill seasonal positions. That’s why we’re going to look at some tips to help recruiters handle seasonal hiring.

🔊 Use a Referral Program

A good way to maintain a healthy candidate pipeline of quality candidates is to source from your current employees. These employees already understand and know your company culture. They are likely to know candidates who are good fits for your organization.

A current employee understands your company culture and who might be a good addition.   Implementing an employee referral program incentivizes your employees to share their networking with you. It’s remarkably easy and dependable.

As a source of candidates, employee referrals consistently provide quality hires. According to Career Plug, candidates found through employee referrals were 18 times more likely to be hired than applicants from job boards.

So, it is no wonder that 90% of companies surveyed report finding new candidates through their current employees.

🚀  Make Offers Quickly

According to Forbes, the best talent is typically on the market for only 10 days. That means recruiters have a short period of time to get the best candidates out there. As such, a quick time-to-offer is critical. Time is not on the side of the recruiter.

Seasonal recruiting is no different. Once a candidate becomes available for seasonal work, the clock is ticking. The best will be picked up early, leaving the lower-quality candidates to employers who move too slowly.

♻️ Offer Positions to Past Applicants

Another good source for seasonal hiring is your past candidates. These are applicants that have expressed interest in working for you before, are familiar with your brand and hiring process, and you already have the data on their qualifications.

These past candidates often just weren’t the perfect fit at the time. However, that may not be the case today. Return to these candidates often, especially for seasoning hiring, to see if they’re open to a different position with you.

With Qualifi’s on-demand interview platform, you can go back to these previous candidates and even review their interviews. As such, it will save you a remarkable amount of time on sourcing. Plus, the candidate doesn’t have to start the hiring process from the beginning, potentially reducing their time-to-hire.

Even if the previous candidates you reach out to are unavailable, you can still use the opportunity to network. Don’t be afraid to ask if they know someone else who’d be a good fit.

📞 Make the Interview Process More Accessible

Ensure your hiring process is accessible to the most potential candidates. One-way phone interviews make this possible both in terms of technology and time.

For a one-way phone interview, a candidate simply needs a phone. This should be no problem as 97% of Americans own some form of a cell phone today. Without the need for any other extraneous equipment, this means your interview process available to the vast majority of candidates.

Plus, as an asynchronous interview model, one-way interviews allow candidates to record their responses to the interview at any time, 24/7. Qualifi’s research has found this flexibility brings 75.5% more interviews than traditional methods.

To see how Qualifi’s on-demand phone interview platform can prepare you for seasonal hiring, check out how First Advantage used Qualifi to broaden its applicant pool.

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