3 Steps Recruiters Can Take to Hire Security Guards

October 10, 2022
Leila Spann
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If find yourself hiring a lot of security guards at once, you’re either fabulously wealthy, or you’re a staffing agency. And as you’re probably the latter, this means streamlining your high-volume hiring is one of your top priorities.

So, let’s take a look at how you can save costs and improve your time-to-hire while hiring security guards.

Build for High-Volume Hiring

High-volume recruiting is when companies are faced with the challenge of filling a large number of roles quickly. Which can be difficult when hiring security guards. This is because there is a remarkable amount of nuance in matching the right guard with their destined work environment.

If you’re hiring guards that will be frequently seen in public spaces, and potentially interact with patrons, you will need to pick someone with an approachable personality. The opposite is true of guards charged with protecting private property to prevent trespassing. And that is only one of the unique nuances of hiring a security guard.

That’s why finding the perfect candidate means you’re going to need to use the right tools to engage a large number of quality candidates. Implementing Qualifi’s on-demand phone interviews and AI screening in your hiring process allows you to interview hundreds of candidates overnight.

Focus on Time-to-Hire

Every day that a position sits open it costs, on average, $98 per day before that position is filled. Recruiters are pressured by this financial hemorage of open roles, making goals like time-to-fill or time-to-hire extremely important. To fill a position every company is working to reduce their time-to-hire. The same can be said of agencies looking to recruit security guards. Qualifi helps reduce time-to-hire by up to 7 times by offering interview automation that is strengthened by AI filtering when you want it.    

Qualifi has helped companies like Securatech, a full-service security company, decrease their time-to-hire by 50%. Before Qualifi, Securatech’s team did all of their hiring through individual phone calls as well as manually reviewing applications and communicating with a hiring manager afterward. With Qualifi’s on-demand interviews, they shortened their hiring time by an entire week and reached more candidates without hiring more recruiters.

For DK Security, a security service that specialized in uniformed hospital security. Qualifi shortened their time-to-hire by 5 days. With 2,000 employees spread across 3 states, DK security needed a hiring solution that could work remotely, automate parts of their hiring cycle and work with their existing ATS. Before Qualifi, they were handling the massive task of keeping these positions filled through traditional methods with a team of 9 recruiters.

Needless to say, it was a strain. But with Qualifi, they no longer had to schedule phone calls and broadened their applicant pipeline by sending out even more interview invites without bogging their team down in the interview process.

Which is better, phone interviews or video interviews? See how they compare. 

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Run Background Checks

It’s hard to imagine hiring a security guard without a background check. By the nature of the position, employers are looking for someone they can trust. It takes time and it takes effort. Of course, hiring security guards traditionally takes a longer than average time-to-hire because of additional precautions.  

However, it no longer has to. Qualifi has partnered with Certn, a background check company, to make recruiters’ lives easier. Recruiters can now use Qualifi’s automated interview platform alongside Certn’s real-time, comprehensive background checks. That can allow recruiters to run the two of the longest stages effectively on auto-pilot. Which drastically reduces time-to-hire. Together, Certn and Qualifi take processes traditionally outside of the recruiter’s control and streamline them.

Qualifi and Security Guard Recruitment

Needless to say, Qualifi solves the major problems facing security guard recruitment. It enables recruiters to interview and screen hundreds of candidates and offers an avenue of team collaboration that gives hiring managers the utility of an additional recruiter — one who works 24/7!

Read how Qualifi changed DK Security’s hiring process.