How to Supplement Your ATS for Bulk Hiring

December 6, 2022
Darrian Mikell
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Applicant tracking systems were one of the best inventions to ever come to recruiting. It can help you manage your candidate’s progress and track your hiring cycle. However, there are ways ATSs fall short, especially when it comes to bulk hiring. As such, recruiters must find ways to supplement their ATS for a more effective and streamlined recruitment process.

Where Applicant Tracking Systems Can Fall Short

ATSs have consistently proven their value to recruiters over and over again. They allow hiring teams to track large numbers of applicants at once, which is becoming increasingly invaluable in today’s labor market. However, ATSs fall short when it comes to covering the entire hiring process.

For example, there’s typically a missing step when a candidate applies. When a candidate’s application is accepted by the ATS, it has to wait for a recruiter to take some form of action — whether that be interviews, screenings, or assessments. This forms a sizeable gap in the recruitment process that can take hours to days to address.

This results in serious delays in the hiring process and consequently becomes unsustainable for bulk hiring projects. Thankfully, there are ways to fill these gaps in your ATS.

Find Tools that Integrate With Your ATS

To compensate for your ATS’s shortcomings, you’ll need to find tools that bridge those gaps and create a streamlined hiring process. Find tools that can integrate directly into your ATS or at least work alongside it comfortably. Thankfully, many tools appearing today are like Qualifi and offer integration options across several popular ATSs.

Through integration, these tools will allow you to continue using your existing ATS in the hiring process without struggling with jumping between tool to tool to make everything line up correctly.

The best tools to integrate with your ATS are ones that utilize AI to automate the most tedious parts of the hiring process. When it comes to bulk hiring, it’s important to hire as quickly as possible. Otherwise, recruiters will become bogged down by the number of applicants, and the entire process will slow to a snail's pace.

Automated recruitment tools are significant and necessary supplements to your ATS if you wish to prepare for bulk hiring.

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🛠 Build an HR Toolkit Meant for Bulk Hiring

When it comes to supplementing your ATS specifically to accommodate bulk hiring, you’ll need to build a bulk-volume toolkit. Your HR toolkit should consist of software and hiring strategies designed to screen, interview, and select potentially hundreds of candidates. As we already discussed, tools designed for automation are particularly useful.

Another effective tool is on-demand interviews. This method of interview is particularly effective in streamlining the hiring process as it tackles the most time-consuming parts of the hiring process: scheduling and screening.

In terms of screening, on-demand interviews allow teams to shortlist candidates at a fraction of the time of live interviews. Plus, on-demand phone interview platforms like Qualifi allow you to eliminate the need to schedule these interviews rather than having your recruiters spend half an hour to 3 hours scheduling a single candidate. This speed is important as 57% of today’s candidates lose interest in a job when the hiring process takes too long and the best talent is off the labor market in 10 days.

So, be sure to streamline your hiring process with on-demand interviews before you tackle your next round of bulk hiring.

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