8 TA Trends Recruiters Are Talking About Right Now

February 15, 2023
Leila Spann
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After getting home from TA week 2023, we were exhausted but buzzing with ideas! The conference hosted sessions on everything from diversity sourcing to talent acquisition technology and recruitment ROI. Here are the trends we heard recruiters talking about at TA week: 

  • Application drop-off is one of the biggest challenges in TA right now. Recruiters across the country are seeing huge drop-offs in the application process. Curating a simple candidate experience is part of what will set your organization apart. 
  • Bias terms are common in job descriptions and careers sites. Everyone wants to talk about transforming their hiring practices to bring in more diversity. However, not enough recruiters are looking at the little details to make that happen — like the language in your job description and how you might be using biased language without knowing it. 
  • AI and automation will augment the power of recruiters, not replace them. AI is a hot topic amongst recruiters. Some are afraid of losing control over their selection power in the hiring process. Others are hesitant after the recent ruling in New York regarding AI in applicant review technology. However, many see the potential power of working alongside tools that use AI and automation. 
  • Employees need to become the champions of the talent brand. Internal references are every recruiter’s secret weapon. When your brand is synonymous with the pride that employees feel in their work and their team, you have a winning talent strategy. 
  • Leaders don’t want more applicants but more qualified applicants. The laser-focused sourcing strategy is every recruiter’s dream. Finding ways to bring in more qualified applicants, earlier into the hiring process is a prominent discussion for HR leaders. 
  • The most powerful recruitment marketing tool is word of mouth. Finding ways to encourage employees to be your brand ambassadors is difficult. Recruiting leaders around the country are trying to find ways to either 1. Make their brand stand out, so employees want to naturally share it. 2. Bring in outstanding benefits and a work culture that excites new hires and brings positive PR to your organization. 
  • If you want to get great candidates into the door, stop using generic personalization. Cutting through the noise is a huge challenge. Recruiters are wrestling with the balance between automation, personalization, and connection. 
  • Candidate experience is the first impression you make on your future hires. One speaker at TA week suggested something that stuck with us. If you want to know what your candidate experience is like, become a candidate. Apply to your own company to see the process from a candidate's perspective and identify where there could be an improvement.

One of the consistent takeaways from TA Week was the need for a streamlined way to find the crème de la crème of candidates. Qualifi’s platform helps speed up a huge bottleneck in the hiring process — the phone interview. We created a platform that lets you record your interview questions, send them to a huge batch of candidates at once, candidates record their responses, and you listen to the answers all at once. No more scheduling phone calls. No more staying on the line with someone who obviously isn’t a good fit.

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