Ideal Interview Times

August 22, 2022
Leila Spann
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Nothing is worse than your favorite candidates wanting to interview at the same time. When your schedule is overpacked, you miss out on great candidates due to scheduling conflicts — it can be a big blow. 

So how do you find the right time to schedule an interview? What time of day is most likely to get responses? What if you could schedule and conduct that interview without even having to be there? 

In our newest white paper, Qualifi’s Guide to Ideal Interview Times, you will learn how scheduling flexibility can help you scale your hiring. Download it here.

Interviews are the longest part of hiring 

The first step in the hiring process is typically a phone interview. Most companies individually coordinate with each candidate and conduct the interviews one at a time. This traditional method of interviewing can add days, if not weeks, to your timeline and potentially cost you your ideal talent. We’ve figured out a way to expand your hiring pipeline without working more hours — allow candidates to take a self-guided interview when it’s convenient for them. This process is also called an on-demand interview.

The flexibility of on-demand interviews allows your organization to broaden its candidate pool and shorten the time-to-hire. The self-paced nature of on-demand phone interviews allows you to send interview invitations to every candidate at once, resulting in more applicants making it through your hiring process. Increasing the talent pool can help you find and hire the right candidate faster. 

According to SHRM, the average cost per hire is $4,129. This means that every day a position sits open, your organization is hemorrhaging money. On-demand interviews are proven to cut an entire week off of your hiring cycle — less work and a faster time-to-hire. 

When do candidates want to complete an interview? 

Several of our customers wanted to know when candidates would most likely complete a self-guided interview. So we dug into the numbers. 

We gathered data from 50 different companies over 16 months and reviewed over 22,000 interviews using Qualifi’s phone interview software. We found out what days and times most likely elicit a candidate’s response. By knowing the best time to connect with applicants, you can get more candidates through the hiring process. 

It’s a race to find top talent in today’s job market. Many employers miss out on great hires if they wait too long to make an offer. Use the findings of this white paper to strategize and get the most out of your interview tactics. 

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