Fill Your New Clinic with Talent 7x Faster

Use Qualifi to hire new talent before your competition. Qualifi's recruitment software allows you to send candidates self-guided phone interviews and make offers up to a week sooner than before.
Supercharge your phone screens with Qualifi

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No More Hiring Events

Use Qualifi to interview all of your candidates at once — no more wasted time on hiring events. One software allows you to send interview questions, review answers, and collaborate with hiring managers.

Built for Expanding Healthcare Hiring

Healthcare candidates have hectic schedules. Never miss out on an interview opportunity because of clashing calendars caused by night-shift woes. Qualifi frees up more of your time so you can improve your candidate sourcing.

Connect with Workday

We did the heavy lifting for you. Qualifi works seamlessly alongside Workday. Start using on-demand interviews today without changing your whole tech stack.

"The team feels more productive. They're getting more done in a day than they ever have because they've been able to just focus on what they need to."

Alison Milhollen, Saint agnes medical center
Regional Manager, Recruitment/Talent Acquisition

"We’re able to evaluate our candidates in 5 minutes. It used to take 5 days!"

Calista Rihm, Reid health
human resources manager

"Using Qualifi has helped our recruiters hire more efficiently and see a lot more candidates in a short amount of time, as well as create a better candidate experience and interviewer experience... I don't think I could do my job without it."

Joelle Rosen, gener8tor
Director of Talent Acquisition

"Qualifi is painless. It is the easiest transition to a phone screening that I've ever had before. You don't have to schedule, sit down with people, or go back and forth."

Joe Araiza, Saint Alphonsus
Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

"We were able to add it into our current process, and it was a supplement to help us do even better than what we were doing before... It was like adding a turbo boost."


"Qualifi can save you time, it can save you money, and it can save you extra personnel."

Abbie jackson, Securatech
HR Director

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Why are audio-only interviews a better option than video?

Primarily, automated video interviews risk introducing more bias into the hiring process, and candidates are less likely to complete them, citing negative past experiences and higher levels of inconvenience. In fact, check out how ROI Solutions moved away from utilizing a video solution, and was able to reduce their no-show rate from from 50% down to 7% by switching to audio-only interviews with Qualifi.