The Human Touch in a Digital Age: Navigating Personal Connections with Online Interview Apps

The Human Touch in a Digital Age: Navigating Personal Connections with Online Interview Apps

We are living in a world that embraces digital solutions for traditional processes, and recruitment is no exception. One of the key technological advancements in the industry has been the online interview app which has revolutionized the way we conduct virtual interviews. The challenge, however, is on how to deliver a human touch, showing empathy and personal connection through pixels on a screen.

Go Beyond the Transactional

When using online interview apps, it might seem convenient to take a transactional approach; you send a link, conduct the virtual interview, and that’s it. However, it's essential to remember that every candidate is a person, not a number on the checklist. Try to build a relationship with the candidate. Warm them up before diving straight into the interview questions. A friendly "What's your favorite breakfast food?" or "Have you used this online interview app before?" can help them feel more comfortable and initiate a personal connection.

Empathy is Key

Another important facet of adding a human touch to your virtual interviews through an online interview app is empathy. Understand that it is a new experience for many applicants, and they might be nervous or unfamiliar with the technology. Give clear instructions on how to use the online interview app and give them time to adjust. your patience and willingness to help can provide a positive experience for them.

Personalized Follow-up

Last but not least, after the virtual interview, sending a personalized follow-up message adds a significant personal touch, making the candidate feel appreciated for their time and effort. It could be a summary of the topics discussed, or even a simple 'Thank you for your time.' This is crucial to closing the loop and showing the candidate that they are more than just a name on a screen.

In summary, using an online interview app for virtual interviews does not have to mean losing the human touch. With the right approach and a little mindfulness, you can make candidates feel valued, respected, and heard, all while reaping the benefits of streamlined processes and cost-effectiveness that these digital solutions offer.

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