Measuring Success: Key Metrics to Analyze in Online Interviewing

In the dynamic world of talent acquisition, where virtual interviews have become a cornerstone of the hiring process, success isn't solely about finding the right candidate—it's also about optimizing your online interview platform's performance. To achieve that, talent acquisition professionals must go beyond the surface and delve into the metrics that truly matter. In this blog post, we'll explore the essential metrics you should track to evaluate the effectiveness of your online interview platform.


Time-to-fill is a fundamental metric that measures the time it takes to fill a job vacancy from the moment it's posted. A shorter time-to-fill indicates efficiency in the hiring process. By tracking this metric through your online interview platform, you can assess its impact on your recruitment timeline and make adjustments as needed.

Interview Completion Rate

The interview completion rate is a key indicator of candidate engagement and platform usability. It measures the percentage of candidates who start and successfully complete virtual interviews. A high completion rate suggests that candidates find the platform user-friendly and the interview process manageable.

Candidate Dropout Rate

On the flip side, the candidate dropout rate reveals the percentage of candidates who start but don't finish their virtual interviews. A high dropout rate may signal issues with the platform's user experience or interview content. Identifying the causes can help improve candidate engagement and retention.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate assesses the effectiveness of your online interview platform in turning applicants into hires. By tracking how many candidates who participated in virtual interviews ultimately accepted job offers, you can gauge the platform's role in your talent acquisition funnel.

Quality of Hire

While online interview platforms can streamline the hiring process, it's crucial to measure the quality of the hires made through the platform. Evaluate the performance and longevity of candidates hired through virtual interviews to ensure they meet your organization's standards.

Cost Per Hire

Cost per hire quantifies the resources invested in the hiring process, including the expenses associated with the online interview platform. Calculating this metric helps you determine the platform's cost-effectiveness and identify opportunities for cost reduction.

Candidate Feedback and Satisfaction

Candidate feedback and satisfaction surveys provide valuable insights into the candidate experience. Gather feedback from candidates who have used the online interview platform to understand their perceptions, pain points, and suggestions for improvement.

Interviewer Feedback

Don't forget to collect feedback from interviewers and hiring managers. Their input can shed light on the platform's ease of use, effectiveness in evaluating candidates, and any technical issues encountered during virtual interviews.

Time Savings

Calculate the time saved by using the online interview platform compared to traditional interview methods. Factor in hours saved by eliminating travel, reducing interview coordination, and accelerating the screening process.

Diversity and Inclusion Metrics

Assess the impact of your online interview platform on diversity and inclusion efforts. Track metrics related to the diversity of candidates who participate in virtual interviews and their progression in the hiring process.

Integration Efficiency

If your online interview platform is integrated with other HR systems, measure the efficiency and effectiveness of data flow between systems. Smooth integration can reduce manual data entry and improve data accuracy.

Benchmarking Against Industry Averages

Compare your online interview platform metrics against industry benchmarks to assess how your organization performs relative to peers. Benchmarking can highlight areas for improvement and innovation.

The effectiveness of your talent acquisition efforts relies heavily on the performance of your online interview platform. By tracking these essential metrics, you can gain valuable insights into the platform's impact on your recruitment process, candidate experience, and overall success. Remember that optimizing your online interview platform is an ongoing process, and regular monitoring and adjustments are key to achieving lasting success in talent acquisition.

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