Candidate Experience Using Qualifi

Candidates love Qualifi

Remove candidate resistance at every point in the screening process.

Effortlessly Smooth

Let your candidate's qualifications take the spotlight — without making them jump through hoops. Over 87% of candidates rate their interview experience as positive. Here’s what they have to say:

Value every candidate

Candidates no longer have to find a time that fits with your schedule, take off work to interview, or get ready for a video call.
  • Candidates respond as soon it's convenient for them - 24/7.
  • Candidates won't feel the pressure of having the perfect background, lighting or appearance.
  • Our structured interviews are fair and equitable for candidates.

Let them come to you

90% of interviews are completed in less than 24 hours. Your candidates want to move fast. Now you can let them!

Qualifi In Action

Saint Alphonsus saw almost instant results using Qualifi to streamline their phone interview process. Saint Alphonsus noted:
  • 83% Time Saved Phone Interviewing
  • 8x Daily Interview Increase
  • 15-Minute Interview Response Times
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