How Saint Alphonsus Increased Daily Interviews 8x

Saint Alphonsus' candidate screening time went from 30 minutes to 5 minutes per candidate.
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Saint Alphonsus is a four-hospital regional, faith-based Catholic ministry with over 5,000 colleagues and 2,000 medical staff professionals serving more than 700,000 people in Idaho and Oregon.
Hospital & Healthcare
Company Size
7,000+ Employees
Key Results

  • 83% Saved Time Phone Interviewing
  • 8x Daily Interview Increase
  • 15 Minute Interview Response Times

“Qualifi has given us a lot more options to be more flexible for the hiring managers. In today’s environment, Nurse Managers are being pulled into work as staff nurses on the unit. This has saved us taking an entire day from them to do 30 minute back-to-back phone calls.”
Tara Newsom
Lead, Talent Acquisition

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center was the first hospital in Boise, Idaho. The 381-bed facility offers medical and surgical health and wellness services to their community, including  tele-health appointments for patients in rural areas. 

Saint Alphonsus is growing every day and needed to find a tool that helped them accelerate the hiring process. Qualifi’s on-demand phone screening and candidate review gave them: 

  • Immediate responses for the first phone interview 
  • A tool to fix their hiring pipeline 
  • Hours of saved time every day 


Saint Alphonsus spent up to 2.5 hours a day conducting phone interviews on each entry-level phone interview, which was 15 to 30 minutes.


They can review candidates in minutes instead of hours.

The Challenge 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Alphonsus found themselves needing to hire new roles quickly. They needed to bring on positions like door screeners to take temperatures at the door and ongoing roles like CNAs and techs. 

“Qualifi definitely sped up our interview process.” — Karen

They needed a tool that allowed them to send out bulk invitations to interview, record the phone screenings, and track candidates through the hiring process. (St Alphonsus recruiters even found that many of the candidates would complete their first phone interview immediately after the invitation was sent.) They found Qualifi was the perfect fit and did everything they needed it to.

The Process 

“We've actually revamped our entire graduate nurse hiring process, thanks to Qualifi,” says Tara. “We used to do the big long process with application deadlines — we'd refer to it as Tetris.” 

Saint Alphonsus used Qualifi to restructure their entire interview pipeline by making offers throughout the semester to senior nursing students and onboarding them before they graduate. 

“We've literally had a day of interviews, and then we get offers out that night”  -Roxanne

“You want your staff to be as efficient as possible,” says Roxanne. Saint Alphonsus found their stride with efficiency. Before Qualifi they would play phone tag with candidates and lose valuable time. Now, Qualifi texts candidates a link, so they can respond right away. 

“I just think it's a huge time saver and way more efficient. Plus it's a better candidate experience too.”  -Roxanne

The Result 

Saint Alphonsus can now screen candidates in five minutes. After adding Qualifi to their toolkit, Saint Alphonsus experienced: 

  • Consistently fed candidate pipeline 
  • Efficient phone screenings 
  • Faster candidate response times 
“Qualifi is painless. It is the easiest transition to a phone screening that I've ever had before. You don't have to schedule, sit down with people, or go back and forth. Qualifi is how I would do it. And I love the text option.” — Joe 

Qualifi Tip!

Use the Teams function to craft and control your invite messaging so it’s on brand for your organization. Teams in Qualifi lets you choose your own  intro and outro audio, save favorite teams, and customize the tone of your Qualifi messages for each audience. Qualifi helps you build a better candidate experience.

Want to increase daily interviews by 8x?