The Qualifi Game Has Changed: An Improved User Experience

December 27, 2021
Devyn Mikell
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Hey! It’s Devyn, COO with Qualifi. We are hard at work constantly improving the fastest interview solution for you and your team. We’re excited to share our recent product updates with you. Check out the new features below. 

Qualifi expands your outreach by helping you identify qualified candidates 7 times faster and maximize your recruiting output. I’m excited to share how we’ve been improving the platform to make you and your team’s jobs easier.


✅ Team Functionality: The Qualifi platform allows you to create internal teams to share candidate questions and responses. With team functionality, you and your colleagues can collaborate to evaluate candidates and share detailed feedback in one location.

✅ Team Questions & Jobs:
Tired of coming up with unique questions for every interview? Qualifi allows you to view questions and jobs that anyone on your team has created. Use the Team Questions dropdown to easily share and utilize each other's recordings.

✅ Candidate Filters: Filters within the platform recall your previous preferences, allowing you to seamlessly move throughout the platform and quickly hire the best candidates. 

✅ Self-Serve Feature: Candidates can now apply to jobs in their own timing with a single link. This gives candidates the ability to start an interview without manual invitation.

✅ Global Searching: Search for any candidate within the Qualifi platform to view all of their activity. This helps you organize and archive candidates or even view past candidates to source for upcoming jobs. 

✅ Enhanced Candidate Sharing: Easily share a list of candidates via email for hiring managers to give their feedback. This ensures you can send multiple candidates in an organized fashion without having to send one by one. 

✅ Data Exporting: We know having your recruiting metrics organized and in one place is critical. Easily export your dashboard data within the Qualifi platform to view a snapshot of your most important metrics.

✅ Job Templates: Check out Qualifi’s pre-recorded job templates now available for use to speed up your job creation process. 

Interested in learning more about how Qualifi can help you fill jobs faster, mitigate bias, and improve your candidate experience? Try for Free Today!