Recruiter's Guide to Call Center Hiring

August 27, 2022
Leila Spann
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Call centers have a high turnover rate. The job is often considered stressful and monotonous and bombarded by angry customers demanding to speak to who’s in charge. Turnover is inevitable. In fact the average turnover for call centers is between 30 and 45%, at least twice the average of other departments. Frequent quitting and new hires is why call centers so frequently find themselves open to high-volume hiring.

Many industries currently face an ongoing trouble — a limited talent pool. The Great Resignation of 2021-22 resulted in many employees looking for new jobs with raised expectations. This means despite the number of job seekers added to the labor pool recruiters face a competitive market.

A healthy and effective hiring process is essential to maintaining a steady flow of applicants while making recruiters’ lives easier. Addressing key points of the process, streamlining, and building a system prepared for high-volume hiring allows recruiters and hiring managers to create a system tailored to combat these issues.

Call Centers Need to Hire Faster

A slow time-to-hire is detrimental to any recruiting effort. Delays in the hiring process cost organizations more in the long run. The average open role costs an organization between $1,000 to $5,000. What’s more, a slow hiring rate causes your organization to miss out on top talent.

Qualifi uses a software that lets you pre-record your interview questions and send them to all of your candidates at once. This speeds up the hiring process by an average of 7 days, and with an average time-to-hire of 23.7 days that equates to an approximate 30% reduction.  With on-demand interviews recruiters can regain the time they would have spent on scheduling and conducting individual interviews.

Build for High-Volume Hiring

Call centers must prepare for high-volume hiring with specialized tools to achieve quality results. Even then, meeting demand can remain challenging for many recruiters.

The solution is to build a high-volume recruiting engine that drives itself. This means:

  • Actively hiring for “always open” roles
  • Making your application process accessible
  • Finding ways to engage a large number of quality candidates
  • Revamping your candidate sourcing
  • Tracking your metrics

Which is better, phone interviews or video interviews? See how they compare. 

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Prepare for Turnover

As we’ve discussed, the call center industry often faces a high turnover rate. Although there is little to stop large numbers of call center employees from regularly quitting, there are things recruiters and hiring managers can do to prepare for it. Recruiter needs to consistently make new hires to replace the lost talent quickly. Again, we see how having a speedy hiring process addresses many of the hiring challenges faced by call centers. The best way to do this is to ensure that you are steadily feeding your candidate pipeline with a supply of new candidates. A high turnover means positions need to be regularly filled. Therefore, call centers can maintain a pool of candidates ready to fill empty positions as they open.

Simplifying the Recruitment Process

These are the same problems that Five Star Call Center faced with its hiring process. They needed to keep more candidates engaged while getting them through the interview process faster. Using Qualifi, they were able to re-engage with 50% of their candidates by simply automating the first phone interview while maintaining their brand voice.

Qualifi allows recruiters to create on-demand audio interviews, a form of an asynchronous interview, enabling them to send a recording of interview questions. This empowers recruiters to skip scheduling interviews entirely and allows candidates to do the same by returning a recorded response.

For more information on how the power of Qualifi allowed Five Star Call Center to simplify and enhance its hiring process, check out this case study.

Use this guide to find tools that can help you make lots of hires, fast!