Recruit at Record-Shattering Speed with This New Software Duo

August 11, 2022
Leila Spann
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At Qualifi, we always look for ways to make recruiter’s lives easier.  That's why we are excited to announce that we are partnering with some amazing folks who are also dedicated to helping you find top talent Certn.  

Qualifi’s automated interview platform works hand-in-hand with Certn’s comprehensive background checks. Now, two of the most complex portions of the hiring process can run on autopilot, allowing you to quickly make decisions and find the ideal talent with ease. 

Speed Speed Speed 

The number one benefit of this partnership is speed. Recruiters can now conduct all their interviews at once while simultaneously running employment and education verification checks. This alone shortens the hiring process by a week!

Scheduling interviews and running background checks are often outside of a Recruiter’s control since they are labor intensive and time-consuming. According to Glassdoor, the average time-to-hire is 23.8 days, with the longest part being the interview cycle. Qualifi’s high-volume phone screening solution knocks off 7 days from today's standard interview process. Certn’s employment, reference, and education checks allow Recruiters to shorten the period between application to hire and give you valuable time back. Qualifi and Certn understand the value of time, which is why we are always working to ensure you have more of it on your hands to focus on recruiting and less on the logistics. 

The Ease of Getting Started

Far too often, adding to your HR tech stack requires days of onboarding, weeks of internal training, and months of waiting to see results. 

We prefer to keep it simple. 

Getting started with Qualifi is easy. Many of our customers have noted how relieved they were to start using Qualifi the same day they signed up. By the end of the day, they were sending out interview invitations and collecting responses from their candidates. 

So, how exactly does the Qualifi and Certn partnership work? 

Step 1: Sign up for Qualifi

Step 2: Sign up for Certn 

Step 3: Let the two systems help you hire faster than ever before 

Cost Savings

Certn offers comprehensive background checks and employment and education verification at the most competitive pricing. Qualifi customers will now receive partner preferred pricing on all needed background checks. Not only that but the time you save hiring with Qualifi and Certn will literally translate to money. According to Zippia, a vacant role typically costs $98 per day, totaling $4,129 before a position is filled. Qualifi cuts down this time by an entire week — instantly bringing extra cash to your budget. 

Easy on Candidates

Qualifi and Certn have a lot in common, from cost savings to helping reclaim hours in your Recruiter’s days. Both platforms have the added benefit of being loved by candidates. It's rare that companies consider how to make a process easier for candidates, but it's a critical part of ensuring you hire top talent quickly. An easy hiring process impacts retention, company branding, and ultimately how your candidates will feel about the company as an employee.

Creating a positive employee experience starts with a great candidate experience. Attracting top-tier talent means respecting their time and providing solutions that make it easy to fit the interview and onboarding process into their schedule – like automated interviews with Qualifi and seamless mobile-friendly background checks with Certn. 

Start offering automated interviews with Qualifi and reference, employment, and education checks with Certn to your candidates today!

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