5 Tips To Maximize Recruiting Output

December 27, 2021
Darrian Mikell
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Recruiting is tough no matter what industry you’re in. It’s important to take time to evaluate and optimize whenever possible. With that said, here’s some simple tips for you to increase your team’s output like never before.

1. Build your pipeline in creative ways for those who aren’t yet employees

  • Slack groups
  • Social Media groups
  • Industry/role specific groups (ex. Reddit group for software developers)

2. Rely on hiring managers as little as possible (Note: this works especially well for jobs that are routine based and predictable)

  • Recruiters should meet with hiring managers to gather as much information as possible and communicate expectations before a new position is opened
  • If anything a hiring manager should only have to interview 1–3 candidates after a team has screened (this varies on the hiring amount). A big win would be to build trust with hiring managers so the recruiter can make hiring decisions on their behalf

3. Eliminate Back & Forth Scheduling

4. Automate the screening process

  • Recruiting needs to be fast, especially for high volume companies. Leveraging technology that is easy to use will set you team up to increase output exponentially

5. Adopt the mindset of high output

  • Technology is great, but it still needs an empowered team to make it useful. If you have technology, use it for all it’s worth. When there’s a step that doesn’t require technology, try to be efficient and quick.

All the above are simple, but critical ways to increase output for your team. The more you create increased output, the better your company will be. If you need help thinking about ways to optimize, book a free strategy session to gain valuable insight.

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