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Introducing Hire Quality by Qualifi

Recruiters have it tough out there. Everybody needs a job, and that means scouring endless resumes, rushing through screening calls, and scrambling to find the right candidate. On Hire Quality, Host Devyn Mikell unpacks the careers of recruiting industry leaders to understand how they got their start, how they found success, and what key lessons they learned along the way. Let these authentic conversations with folks on the front lines of talent acquisition empower your own recruiting journey.

Devyn Mikelll

Hire Quality is a show built for Talent Acquisition Professionals.

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Devyn: Everyone, everywhere needs a job. Meaning your inbox is likely bursting at the seams with job seekers hoping their chat GPT-filtered resume and keyword-stuffed cover letter will land them a position at your company. How can you cope with all these submissions, not to mention staying on top of hiring trends and best practices? On Hire Quality we know there’s a better way. That’s why we’re inviting the movers and shakers of talent acquisition to have a conversation with me, Qualifi Co-Founder, Devyn Mikell. Each week, I’ll ask them about their talent triumphs, hiring horror stories and genuine opinions about the recruiting industry. Find out how recruiting leaders help turn job seekers into co-workers and take away lessons to empower your own hiring practices each week on Hire Quality.

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