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How Mutual of Omaha Cut Time-to-Screen From 5 Days to 5 Hours

Mutual of Omaha, a leading provider of insurance and financial services, faced a significant challenge in its hiring process. The company, known for its dedication to efficient service and innovation, struggled with time-consuming manual phone interviews that dragged out over five days for a single front-line position candidate — impacting its ability to quickly onboard talent.

The Challenge

The talent acquisition team at Mutual of Omaha, including Senior HR Specialist Amanda Hammett, was burdened with the logistics of scheduling and conducting phone interviews across different time zones. Hammett noted that it “would be phone screens from 8:00 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. ” 

They needed a solution to streamline their recruitment process and maintain a high candidate engagement and experience level. They found that solution in Qualifi, eliminating that daily grind and allowing the company to fill 523 front-line associates effectively in just one year. 

Implementing the Solution

The implementation of Qualifi brought about a radical change in how Mutual of Omaha approached its hiring process. Candidates could now complete phone screenings at their convenience, a flexibility that greatly enhanced the applicant experience. For the recruitment team, this meant a shift from scheduling and conducting individual phone interviews to simply reviewing completed interviews at a time that suited them.

Another Senior HR Specialist, Mandy Campbell, remarked, “I find with my calendar being as busy as it is, sometimes I can't get people scheduled for one to two weeks out. With Qualifi, you send them a link, they complete it, and I can review 20 phone screens in one day. The whole process is very quick. It's fast, it's efficient. We can get through our hiring process a lot faster.”

Senior HR Specialist Deb Duggan jokingly said they finally had time to eat lunch! 

HR Supervisor Ron Newton, a Qualifi administrator, said, “I can tell you from an administrative standpoint, it's probably the easiest system we have.”

The Results

With Qualifi, Mutual of Omaha observed measurable improvements in their hiring process:

  • The average interview response time dropped from 5 days to just 5.39 hours.
  • A total of 10,588 interviews have been created since implementation, showing the scale at which the system has been utilized so far.
  • Of these, 7,171 interviews were completed—a 67.73% response rate.
  • A whopping 98.83% of candidate feedback was non-negative (88% positive, 10% neutral), indicating a stellar candidate experience.

The team at Mutual of Omaha found that Qualifi not only saved time but also allowed for a deeper focus on top talent. The ability to review multiple interviews in a fraction of the time it took to conduct one phone screen was a game-changer. This efficiency meant the team could dedicate more time to consult with managers and work closely with the most promising candidates, enhancing the quality of hires. The ease of use and flexibility of Qualifi also allowed for better coordination among team members, even when covering for each other if someone was on vacation.

The ability to speed up voice recordings and access transcriptions allowed for a quicker assessment of candidates, ensuring that no time was wasted on unsuitable applicants. Senior HR Specialist Tammi Kruse noted, “I know when I use it, I like being able to speed up their voice so that they talk faster, and I can get through what they're saying faster. It's nice to have that.”

Ongoing Success

Mutual of Omaha’s adoption of Qualifi transformed its recruitment process from a time-intensive task to a streamlined, efficient operation. This change improved their internal operations and enhanced the experience for candidates nationwide. The data speaks for itself: quicker response times, a high completion rate, and overwhelmingly positive candidate feedback. In embracing Qualifi, Mutual of Omaha has set a new recruitment efficiency and effectiveness standard. 

Qualifi Tip!

Review past applicants and their interviews to see if someone is a good fit for a newly opened position. Qualifi allows you to broaden your candidate pipeline and resurface past candidates. 

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