How Buffini & Co Recruiters Save 20 Hours Per Week

Using Qualifi allowed Buffini and Co to improve their candidate response time by 80%.
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Buffini & Company is the largest coaching and training company in North America. The company provides comprehensive business coaching and training programs.
Business Skills Training
Company Size
200+ Employees
Key Results
  • 80% improvement in candidate response time
  • Over 20 hours per week saved for Recruiter
  • Improved alignment with Hiring Managers

“You need to use Qualifi because it's a major time-saver, and it'll allow you to focus on more important things within your day-to-day. I would highly recommend it to any small HR team.”
Recruiter and HR Generalist
Buffini & Company is an extensive coaching and training business with around 230 employees — and has no plans of capping that number anytime soon. The company needs to bring in new team members in large hiring classes. 


Buffini & Company has a small recruiting team. Two people work together to try and meet the company’s hiring needs. In the past, a pre-screening interview meant that one of the recruiters called a candidate, typed out notes, then shared those with the hiring manager.  


Today, Buffini & Company can use Qualifi to pre-screen for them while getting a better sense of what the hiring managers need. 

The Challenge 

Buffini & Company needs to make bulk hires fairly quickly to help support their growing business. With a recruitment team of one, finding a platform to take on some of the repetitive tasks was crucial. 

“We brought on Qualifi to help my capacity in all of the pre-screenings. So having a tool that automated the process made it a lot easier for one-man-show to manage. Qualifi has been really helpful just from a time standpoint because I am the only Recruiter. I don't have the capacity to do 10 interviews a day at 30 minutes a call. That would take up more than half of my day just to pre-screen people. — Jackie, Recruiter and HR Generalist

The Process 

Jackie found that the Hiring Managers loved using Qualifi because it helped them better understand each candidate’s personality and skill set. When Hiring Managers listened to the phone screenings instead of reading Jackie’s notes, it helped them make better candidate selections. 

“For a Hiring Manager, just reading a candidate's responses, it’s very different than actually getting to listen to that person's excitement in their voice,” says Jackie. “So I think that's one thing that we really love about the features of this tool.”

Jackie notes that Qualifi allows them to quickly move on to the next step in candidate evaluation. Jackie finds that Qualifi helps Hiring Managers make faster decisions. 

The Result 

Buffini & Company integrated Qualifi into their hiring cycle, which helped them onboard high-volume positions, like their business coaching department. 

Buffini & Company also saw: 

  • Better alignment with hiring managers 
  • Efficient bulk hires 
  • 4 hours a day given back to their Recruiting Team

Qualifi Tip!

Use the teams function in Qualifi to review candidates with your hiring managers. This will allow you to set up real-time collaboration spaces in the platform. 

Want to save your Recruiters 20 hours per week?